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Preferred tool among trainers and physical therapists

ShinTekk is the top rated and most preferred training and rehabilitation tool among professional trainers, coaches, physical therapists, sports medicine clinicians, fitness instructors, and health and wellness professionals. Now you can help your clients, players or patients maximize their lower leg strength by performing the dorsiflexion exercise, boosting their athletic performance and preventing or safely rehabilitating leg injuries.

If you own a training center, fitness studio, gym, wellness center, and other training or health-related business, adding ShinTekks at your facility can give you a competitive advantage and improve your clients' satisfaction with the results they achieve.


Bryan Doo

Former Strength and Conditioning Coach with Boston Celtics

"I am extremely pleased with the results from ShinTekk. We’ve had great feedback from our players and I’m looking forward to a successful season with the knowledge that I’m doing what I can to prevent injuries"


Michael Silva

MS, PT, CSCS, President, FOUNDATIONperformance Sports Medicine

"We have incorporated ShinTekk into our treatment protocols for our lower leg injuries that require more strength in the anterior shin. It is an easy and convenient way to add resistance to the dorsiflexion motion. Our patients can set it up with ease and work through the regimen on their own, which makes our job easier. It is a great device for home use as well."

Most effective strength training tool

ShinTekk allows clients to accomplish the proven resisted dorsiflexion exercise at a tailored level of resistance for consistent and progressive results. It's so easy to use and clients can complete your training or rehab regimen without the need for supervision, allowing you to see more clients and ensuring consistent results. ShinTekk is so much more effective than awkward exercise bands or other devices, and builds strength in the entire lower leg area versus exercises that build strength in only one part of the leg (i.e., calf raises, toe raises, etc.). Trainers and coaches have told us that their training regimens are not interrupted by injuries when clients or players use ShinTekk. Ensure your clients or players reach their peak performance at each race, competition or game by incorporating ShinTekk into your training regimen.

"We have incorporated ShinTekk into our team training regimen due to its targeted strength building for lower legs. The team loves it because it’s easy to use at home or on the road and it produces consistent results. Thanks ShinTekk!"
- David Crewe, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach / Assistant Athletic Trainer, Minnesota Timberwolves

Proven Results

ShinTekk has been proven by top trainers, coaches, physical therapists and sports medicine clinicians across the country. Professional sports team and college trainers, running coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, sports medicine clinicians, chiropractors, and other professionals who work with athletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, and active consumers and professionals are using ShinTekk. They've found that a training or rehab regimen with ShinTekk for just a few minutes every other day improves their clients' performance and builds a balanced and healthier body.

"I am extremely pleased with the results from ShinTekk. We’ve had great feedback from our players and I’m looking forward to a successful season with the knowledge that I’m doing what I can to prevent injuries."
– Bryan Doo, NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Boston Celtics

The best device for sports injury

Finally, there is a device to rehabilitate sports and running related leg injuries! Balance is critical for a healthy body and athletic performance, and the muscles of the anterior compartment of the leg play a large part. For those clients or players suffering from shin splints, ankle sprains, knee sprains, or tight leg muscles, strengthening other areas of the body and not the lower legs can lead to biomechanical imbalances in the kinetic chain of the lower body, causing instability and injuries. ShinTekk is the perfect tool to safely and effectively rehabilitate injuries associated with running and quick start-and-stop motions in sports, improving clients' and players' strength, flexibility and agility. ShinTekk helps you get your clients back to running, exercising or the game in less time and ensures they don't experience recurring injuries.

"My patients have responded well and find ShinTekk helpful. It is great for putting patients in a weight bearing position. Overall, great experience!"
- Marissa Gill, Physical Therapist, Bay State Physical Therapy Raynham

Shin Splints

Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), is the most common lower leg injury associated with running and many stop-and-start sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, football, cross-fit, and many more activities. ShinTekk helps prevent or rehabilitate shin splints by focusing on strengthening the muscles of the shin area to protect and defend them from injury.

When shin splints occur, too often runners and athletes have to put their training on hold until the inflammation decreases and their muscles have time to repair themselves. Ignoring shin splints and continuing to train or perform can lead to more serious conditions like stress fractures and severe sprains. You can ensure your clients and players don't get injured, or safely and quickly rehabilitate their injury, so they don't miss a step!

Ankle & Knee Sprains

Ankle and knee sprains are also common sports injuries. They occur if the connective tissue of the ankle and knee area is not strong enough to bear the functional load of quick movements, jumps, or squats. Trainers, coaches, fitness instructors, sports medicine clinicians and physical therapists recommend ShinTekk to strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the ankle to the knee, the area responsible for bearing the functional load. Using ShinTekk with your active clients will keep them healthy and injury free!

Using a regimen from the lightest resistance bungee and progressing to stronger resistance, ShinTekk rehabilitates lower leg injuries centered on strengthening weak muscles and increasing joint mobility through range-of-motion exercises and progressive resistance training. ShinTekk ensures your clients get the most out of your training or rehab regimen and prevents injuries from recurring.

"Shin splints seem to be dreaded by a lot of people in the running community. ShinTekk is a solution for that... it can help work all those muscle groups in the lower leg, quickly rehabilitating or preventing injuries altogether, such as shin splints or ankle sprains."
- Jill, Jill Will Run blogger and certified running coach with the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)

A valuable tool for any age

ShinTekk is a great tool for any adult and especially active clients over 50 and seniors. As your clients age and start to lose muscle mass, this can lead to severe injuries for those that are active, and leave them vulnerable to bone fractures and bad sprains. ShinTekk helps to prevent fractures in the ankle and leg areas and sprains that are common as your clients get older. Keep your Baby Boomer and elderly clients healthy, injury free, and at the top of their game.

ShinTekk is great for active teens and young adults too. We've heard from many school and running club coaches that their younger clients need to strengthen their ankle area as it is the weak link during their developmental years, and they are seeing far more lower leg injuries in high school and college players and runners than ever before. Start your young athletes and runners on ShinTekk so they can remain healthy and avoid injuries! ShinTekk is easy to use and fun to use, and convenient to bring to school, work or on a trip.

"We use ShinTekk religiously during all our strength training workouts. ShinTekk has been instrumental in helping all our teenage and adult runners build strength in their ankles and lower legs, as well as greatly reducing shin splint occurrences and other lower leg injuries. Thank you ShinTekk for helping our runners perform their best in workouts and races without the fear of injury!"
- Brad W. Lutz, Head Coach Lake Cities XC and Owner, Lutz Running

ShinTekk products for your business and your clients

If you work with clients, patients, players, runners or members that strive to perform their best in races, games or performances, and want to stay injury free, you need to incorporate ShinTekk into your training or rehab regimen, so you can help them reach their peak performance and maintain a healthy and balanced body that is injury free!

"We have been using Shin Tekk as part of our pre-hab and activation routine on the road. This tool is great in activating the tibialis anterior and ankle joint. Previously we have only been able to get the same type of activation by using the MVP shuttle. Now we have a tool that fits in a small bag that can be taken anywhere. Our players love ShinTekk!"
- Jon Lee, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Toronto Raptors

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"A tool that I’ve discovered that's useful in strengthening the muscles running along the shin is ShinTekk. This device uses a series of different resistance bands to help strengthen the anterior lower leg muscles. The device basically does the same thing as the exercises I incorporate in my regimen, only ShinTekk makes doing them much easier and more convenient."
- Thad McLaurin, Owner of RunnerDude’s Fitness, Personal Trainer, Running Coach