Reseller Program

ShinTekk is great for your business. Now you can offer your clients or patients the only tool on the market that quickly and effectively builds lower leg strength – critical for any athlete, runner, cyclist, fitness enthusiast, dancer, and active consumer or professional.

Purchase ShinTekk products in bulk (minimum of 5 ShinTekk Packs per order) at discount rates to use at your training facility, at home with your clients, at the gym, or at your rehabilitation or medical office, incorporating ShinTekk exercises within your training or rehabilitation regimens. Have extra ShinTekk Packs on hand to sell to your clients, members, or patients so you can earn revenue on every ShinTekk purchased.

Many professional athletes from the NBA, MLB, NHL, and other sports (soccer, lacrosse, etc.) are using ShinTekk with great results. Our partners tell us their clients do not get the typical lower leg injuries plagued by athletes, runners, and active consumers. With a 15 minute workout a few times a day, your clients, patients or members will see great results in just a few weeks – better performance without the fear of recurring injuries.

Generate Revenue for your Business

Partners can purchase ShinTekk units in bulk at discount prices on all ShinTekk Packs (minimum order is five units to qualify for first level discount pricing). The more you order, the better discount you receive and revenue you earn for you or your business.

To be considered as a Partner, please complete the online application. We will review your application and once approved, you’re on your way to earning revenues while helping your clients, players or members build stronger lower legs!

Marketing Support

We help our Partners to successfully promote and sell ShinTekk products by providing marketing and communication materials free of charge.

ShinTekk provides web materials, photos, graphics and ideas to help you promote ShinTekk at your place of business or in your online store, so you can generate more sales and revenue.

ShinTekk will promote your business or organization on our site for free, driving traffic to your website and new customers for your business.

Our Partners


Foundation Performance Sports Medicine

New England's leader in rehabilitating runners


STRIVERS Running Club

The mission of the STRIVERS Running Club for Girls is to develop a strong, confident, athletic, and community-loyal young woman.


Coach Mwangi

Whether you're looking to get in shape, chase that personal best time or race competitively, Coach Mwangi can help you achieve your running goals.


Barley Wellness

Barley Wellness works to treat the body by offering a number of amenities throughout the wellness spectrum.


Lutz Running

Lake Cities Cross Country

Lake Cities XC is a youth distance running club that prepares runners for competitive racing in high school. When it became apparent that there were runners that would be attending high schools with little or no emphasis or expertise in cross country and distance track, Lutz Running was created to handle training any high school (and now some college) runners that need assistance in reaching their goals.


Custom Kneads Massage

Custom Kneads Massage (CKM) is a privately owned mobile massage therapy practice located in Houston, TX. CKM performs massage services in the convenience of your home. Services include sports and therapeutic massage, massage cupping and Fascial Stretch Therapy.

Recommended by professional athletes, marathon runners, and leading trainers, coaches, and clinicians

ShinTekk has been tested and endorsed by professional athletes and trainers for the NBA, NHL, and many other sports franchises, as well as runners, cyclists, fitness experts, physical therapists, and sports medicine and healthcare clinicians across the country.