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ShinTekk is a patented strength training tool to start you on your way to stronger lower legs, leading to better performance and shin splints prevention. Whether you run, bike, or swim; participate in a team or individual sport; partake in fitness or yoga classes; or work in a demanding job, you rely on your legs to perform.

ShinTekk is the only tool that targets the entire lower leg area from the ankle to the knee, strengthening every muscle group and improving the biomechanical efficiency of your legs. Use ShinTekk daily so you can optimize your training and reach your peak performance without the fear of injury.

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ShinTekk will start you on your way to building stronger lower legs to run faster, jump higher, kick harder, and push yourself to new heights. Build strength in your entire lower leg to prevent shin splints and other sidelining injuries that can disrupt your training and lower your performance. ShinTekk is portable so you can use it anywhere and training can be done standing or sitting. It’s fun and easy to build strength in the most critical muscle group for balanced performance.

Resistance Bungees

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Customize the amount of resistance delivered in your training regimen by choosing your desired Performance Resistance Bungee and working your way to the next level as you build lower leg strength and prevent shin splints and other injuries. ShinTekk Starter Pack comes with the three Performance Resistance Bungees to build strength starting with 6 lbs of resistance and building to 10 lbs of resistance.

Our Resistance Bungees are made of the highest quality rubber and nylon, making them durable and highly accurate for consistent and best results.

Made In The USA: We are proud that each ShinTekk is manufactured and assembled in the USA at every stage.


  • ShinTekk
  • Resistance Bungees Starter Pack of 3 Performance Bungees (Yellow, Red, Black)
  • U-Bar Pad (1)

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 4 in

Performance Green U-Bar and Black Base


Ergonomic shape of U-Bar conforms to foot, U-Bar Pad can be applied underneath U-Bar for added comfort


U-Bar is detachable for easy travel and storage

Ease of Use

ShinTekk can be used sitting or standing, Slip your foot in the trough and underneath the U-Bar and lift your toes


4 Rubber Feet create a non-slip bottom


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