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ShinTekk Performance Pack is our ultimate performance product that includes everything you need to achieve peak performance, rehabilitate shin splints and other lower leg injuries, and workout sore and tired muscles.

ShinTekk Performance Pack includes the full array of therapy to strength training Resistance Bungees, including three Rehab Resistance Bungees from the lightest tension to light tension, providing delicate yet consistent functional rehabilitation for shin splints and other lower leg injuries; and three Performance Resistance Bungees for strength training to maximize your performance. After training or the game, race or competition, work out tight muscles and soothe troubled areas with the ShinTekk Foam Roller. The Performance Pack comes with a ShinTekk Backpack, so you can bring ShinTekk anywhere to strength train or get a good stretch before a game, race or competition.

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ShinTekk Performance Pack is the ultimate strength training and rehabilitation solution, including everything you need to achieve peak performance and safely rehabilitate shin splints and other lower leg injuries as well as work out tight muscles.

Strength train to build muscle strength like never before or safely build muscles in the shin, ankle or knee area, so injuries do not recur with the six pack of Resistance Bungees. Then, soothe tight muscles and troubled areas with the ShinTekk Foam Roller. You can take ShinTekk anywhere with the convenient ShinTekk Backpack, so you can stretch or strength train your lower leg muscles at home, work or on the road.

Resistance Bungees

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Customize the amount of resistance delivered in your training or rehab regimen by choosing your desired Rehab or Performance Resistance Bungee and working your way to the next level as you safely build muscle strength to protect the shin, ankle and knee area from injuries, and then build lower leg strength with the three performance tensions. These ShinTekk Packs come with a full array of rehab and strength building Resistance Bungees for maximum results.

Our Resistance Bungees are made of the highest quality rubber and nylon, making them durable and highly accurate for consistent and best results.

ShinTekk Foam Roller

ShinTekk Foam Roller allows you to roll through tight muscles and trouble spots to help you recover after a hard training workout, exercise, game or race. Perform self-massages and myofascial release for ultimate recovery.

ShinTekk Backpack

The ShinTekk BackPack is a great way to take your ShinTekk and ShinTekk Foam Roller wherever you need to go. Carry shoes, water bottles, snacks and more. Folds up into a pouch for easy storage.

Made In The USA: We are proud that each ShinTekk is manufactured and assembled in the USA at every stage.

ShinTekk Performance Pack includes:

  • ShinTekk
  • ShinTekk Backpack
  • ShinTekk Foam Roller
  • Resistance Bungee Six Pack of 3 Rehab Resistance Bungees (Blue, Green Purple) and 3 Performance Resistance Bungees (Yellow, Red, Black)
  • U-Bar Pad (1)

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 10 in

Performance Green and Black

Resistance Bungees

Set of 6 Resistance Bungees


Ergonomic shape of U-Bar conforms to foot, U-Bar Pad can be applied underneath U-Bar for added comfort


U-Bar is detachable for easy travel and storage

Ease of Use

ShinTekk can be used sitting or standing, Slip your foot in the trough and underneath the U-Bar and lift your toes


4 Rubber Feet create a non-slip bottom

Foam Roller

Foam Roller is 13 in. long by 5 in. Diameter. Grid design promotes blood flow and allows tissue to aerate while rolling; Material is EVA foam, which is more comfortable to roll than Styrofoam rollers, and is environmentally friendly using less foam than other rollers


Quality material with strong construction. Large enough to fit ShinTekk, Resistance Bungees, and Foam Roller and still have room for more items. Includes side net pockets and a front zip pocket. Folds up into a pouch for easy storage


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