Our Story

We are a group of friends and family, based in Middleboro, Massachusetts. We are bringing original training and fitness inventions to the market, with the goal of helping active consumers and professionals reach their peak performance, without the fear of injuries. Shin splints recovery and prevention are an important part of that goal.

Since 2011, we have dedicated ourselves to putting all of our knowledge, resources, and energy towards improving the health and wellness of those who strive to better themselves through fitness and sports, while also having fun doing it. Our mission is to provide the tools necessary to prevent shin splints and other lower leg injuries.


Evolution of the ShinTekk

An invention inspired by a problem and designed to solve it, ShinTekk was created and patented by inventor and avid runner Charles Gillis with the help of his long-time friend and business partner "Tall" Paul Singley. Paul and Charlie enjoy being physically active. Charlie is a marathon runner who faced frequent shin splints and other painful lower leg injuries that would disrupt his training. He understood the impact of being thrown off a training plan. Marathons are challenging enough, and running one without properly preparing for it can significantly impact performance or even lead to more serious injuries.

Looking for a solution, a way to prevent shin splints and aid in shin splints recovery, Charlie was unable to find an effective method or existing easy-to-use product on the market. After speaking with other athletes, coaches, and clinicians, Charlie learned that many runners and athletes also faced the same frustration: having avoidable injuries stand in their way with no way to relieve them.

The inspiration that Paul and Charlie have comes from those who are motivated to work hard to overcome their obstacles. Athletes who are willing to work hard to prevent shin splints. So they hit the drawing board to provide anyone who is frustrated by an injury with the means to do just that. Something that would not only help to prevent shin splints from occurring in the first place but also a tool that would help with shin splints recovery to help athletes get back on track.

They believe that athletes, runners, dances, and other active consumers, will achieve their goals better if they can achieve balance and eliminate the fear of injury. The goal is to bring professionally designed and tested tools to the market, providing solutions that will help anyone overcome injury obstacles and reach their peak performance.

Recommended by professional athletes, marathon runners, and leading trainers, coaches, and clinicians

ShinTekk has been tested and endorsed by professional athletes and trainers for the NBA, NHL, and many other sports franchises, as well as runners, cyclists, fitness experts, physical therapists, and sports medicine and healthcare clinicians across the country.