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ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Triathlon Training

Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise to Rehabilitate Shin Splints

resistance dorsiflexion exercise for athletes

There are a lot of mixed reviews on how athletes and fitness enthusiasts should recover from lower leg injuries, such as shin splints. Runners, in particular, seem to be affected by this type of injury and often seek the best recovery exercise for shin splints so they can get back into exercising as quickly as…

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You’ve Got to Feel the Pain to Fix It!

You’ve Got to Feel the Pain to Fix It!

Feel the Pain How many of us reach into the medicine cabinet after – or even before – training or a workout? There’s those little aches and pains that just always flare up… surely popping some ibuprofen couldn’t hurt. After all, it’s sold over-the-counter so it can’t really do any harm, can it? Yes, it…

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Yoga for cross-training? It’s not a stretch!

Yoga for cross-training-ShinTekk

As every great trainer will tell you, cross-training for your sport of choice is essential to reach peak performance and improve results. Of course it’s important to practice, drill and prepare for competitions, races and games. Adding a ‘new’ training or exercise routine to your workout will help you build strength, agility and flexibility in…

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