Shin Splints Recovery Tool: Faster Recovery & Rehabilitation

shin splints recovery tool

If you have ever experienced the pain and frustration associated with lower leg injuries, you understand why it is so essential to have a shin splints recovery tool that you can use to expedite healing. Sidelining injuries, including shin splints, strains, and sprains can impact your ability to perform even after the injury has subsided.…

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Strength Training Tool for Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise

strength training tool shin splints

Whether you are a professional athlete, casual sports participant, or weekend fitness buff, it is essential to learn all you can about preventing injury and building strength to improve performance and agility. Resistance dorsiflexion exercise is a proven physical therapy technique that is used in the recovery of lower leg injuries and is also one…

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Exercise to Recover From Lower Leg Injuries and Shin Splints

exercise to recover from lower leg injuries

While many people think that only amateur athletes or those new to a sport are the ones to deal with painful, sidelining lower leg injuries like shin splints, the truth is that anyone can find themselves in this situation, regardless of their experience. No matter how much you learn about how the body works, there…

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Rehabilitate Shin Splints: Train at Home to Increase Strength

rehabilitate shin splints

Once you are cleared by your physician or physical therapist to begin the process to rehabilitate shin splints and get back into your normal activity, consider adding ShinTekk to your training regimen. ShinTekk is a patented strength training tool that can help you get on your way to stronger lower legs that will help you…

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How to Stop Shin Splints: Lower Leg Injuries on a Treadmill?

how to stop shin splints

With so many people doing exercise from home, it is essential to understand that you can still experience painful lower leg injuries, such as knee sprains, ankle strains, and shin splints when using a treadmill or home exercise machine. Learning what causes common lower leg injuries can help you become a master at prevention. However,…

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ShinTekk Device: At Home Recovery Exercise for Shin Splints

at home recovery exercise for shin splints

It seems as though we are doing everything from home these days, so why not help your recovery from lower leg injuries along by doing resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints in your living room? If you have suffered a sprain, strain, shin splints or some other type of lower leg injury and have been…

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Best Method to Use Resisted Dorsiflexion to Heal Shin Splints

resisted dorsiflexion exercise

Shin splints is one of the most frustrating injuries for runners and other athletes simply because it can take so long to get back to their favorite activity. Whether you run for fun or if you rely on your legs for a professional sport, it is essential to work with your physician and physical therapist…

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Proven Exercise to Prevent Lower Leg Injuries for All Athletes

prevent lower leg injuries

Nearly every sport or physical activity relies heavily on the lower legs for performance. It is no wonder that lower leg injuries are one of the most common sidelining injuries for professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and weekend activity participants. To prevent lower leg injuries, physical therapists recommend shin strengthening exercises for runners, cyclists, joggers, dancers,…

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The Best Preventive Shin Strengthening Exercises for Runners

shin strengthening exercises for runners

If you have ever experienced any type of lower leg injury, then you understand the importance of preventive exercise to stop it from happening again. Shin strengthening exercises for runners are essential, whether you are a weekend jogger, avid daily runner, or if you like to participate in competitive runs. Resisted dorsiflexion exercise to prevent…

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How to Properly Use Resisted Dorsiflexion to Heal Shin Splints

resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints

Finding that perfect balance between pushing your body to the next level of fitness and preventing injury can be a challenge. Sometimes all you want to do is just get out there and hit it hard so you can see what you can do. Unfortunately, lower leg injuries are a reality. Many athletes and fitness…

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