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ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Run Training

Shin Splints Prevention: The ShinTekk Strength Training Tool

Shin Splints Prevention and Training

One of the most common injuries that plague runners is something known as shin splints. You’ll definitely know that something is wrong if you are afflicted with this type of pain. Most people typically feel pain on the outside front area of the lower leg, which is known as anterior shin splints. Another type of…

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Shin Strengthening Exercises: Lower Leg Strength Over 50

If you are age 50 or older, one of the most important things that you can do for your health and longevity is to focus on lower leg strength. Building up strength in the lower leg area is much more important than most people realize. After the age of 50, people begin to lose muscle…

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Running on the Treadmill: what’s not to love?


For many of us, as the temperature sinks closer to the freezing point, so does the temptation of bundling up for an outdoor run. Sure, once fall starts, it’s pretty novel not having to mop sweat from your eyes after the second lap around the track. But once you start to see your breath ahead…

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Five Ways Athletic Trainers can Build Business

ShinTekk Best Practices Coach with TRX

What athletic trainers do changes lives, period. Clients working with trainers may start with a chronic injury, a lack of strength or low cardio capacity. By following your coaching, instruction and lead, their bodies can be transformed. But, even the most talented of trainers can struggle to fill their client calendar. It’s an epic business…

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Running with Hot Dogs


Hot Dogs At the ballpark? Good. On a run? Not so much! Whether you’re a novice runner, training for a road race, or a veteran running coach, sometimes the best running companion is your dog. To those of us with four-legged running partners, we know you both enjoy the cardio bliss and runners’ high and…

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A Thank You Letter from One of Your Runner’s Shins

A Thank You Letter from One of Your Runners Shins

I don’t usually write notes like this. Mostly, I just do my job and the cheering of the crowd is all the thanks I need. So, why am I writing this thank you letter to you (our athletic trainer) now? Because for the first time in a long time, I feel stronger than I ever…

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Yoga for cross-training? It’s not a stretch!

Yoga for cross-training-ShinTekk

As every great trainer will tell you, cross-training for your sport of choice is essential to reach peak performance and improve results. Of course it’s important to practice, drill and prepare for competitions, races and games. Adding a ‘new’ training or exercise routine to your workout will help you build strength, agility and flexibility in…

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Interview with a Pro

mike silva advising treatment for lower leg strength loss

Last time, we unboxed my ShinTekk, took a first look at the device, and started treatment of my lower leg strength deficiencies . This time, we are going to delve into using ShinTekk and get some advice from a specialist on how to make the most of dorsiflexion strength training. I’ve been using my ShinTekk for…

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ShinTekk – Strengthen the Lower Leg to Prevent Injury

ShinTekk – Strengthen the Lower Leg to Prevent Injury   What matters most to us is that we help the people who well…matter most. You! That’s why we have the ShinTekk reviewed by the most qualified people in the world of running – so you know you’ll get the results you want. We sent a ShinTekk Therapy…

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What Is A Recovery Run?

What Is A Recovery Run? by USATF Coach Mwangi Gitahi I’ve always been intrigued by a particular part of my training that is generally referred to as the recovery run. I’ve written about it before, and I bring it up again because I believe it is more important than most people may think. This involves running a few miles…

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