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ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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How to Rehabilitate Shin Splints and Get Back Into the Action

rehabilitate shin splints

One of the first questions that most people ask when they are diagnosed with shin splints is how long will it take before they can go back to their chosen activity. Runners, cyclists, dancers, and athletes of all types can experience sidelining injuries like shin splints. If you want to learn how to heal shin…

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How to Heal Shin Splints Fast: Targeted Lower Leg Training

heal shin splints fast

If you have ever experienced shin splints, you know the sidelining pain that can come from this type of injury. Lower leg training with resistance dorsiflexion exercise can work to prevent shin splints and other lower leg injuries from happening, but what can you do to expedite shin splints recovery? You might be surprised that…

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Recover Like a Pro: How to Rehabilitate Shin Splints at Home

rehabilitate shin splints

There are many things that can cause shin splints and other lower leg injuries. Sometime, it’s the activity that you are doing, such as increasing performance too quickly without allowing your body to adapt. Other times, it may beyond your control, such as having flat feet or overpronation, and even weakness in the ankles, hips,…

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Best Method for Cyclists to Recover From Lower Leg Injuries

recover from lower leg injuries

While bicycles have been around for hundreds of years, people are just becoming aware of the health benefits of cycling. After watching this year’s Tour de France, many people will decide to start cycling for fitness, either as a weekend hobby or something more intense. In recent years the number of cyclists in the United…

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Does Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise Work for Shin Splints?

resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splints

If you have suffered a lower leg injury, such as shin splints, and are considering resistance dorsiflexion exercise to help with your rehabilitation, the ShinTekk device can help. This proven physical therapy technique will not just help to rehabilitate shin splints and aid in shin splints recovery, but it can also help to strengthen your…

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Use Resisted Dorsiflexion Exercise for Shin Splints Recovery

dorsiflexion exercise to recover from shin splints

While not very well-known among runners and other athletes who rely on their lower legs to perform, resisted dorsiflexion exercise is a proven physical therapy technique that has many benefits. Not only can it help you to increase performance by boosting lower leg strength, but when done properly, it can even help you to recover…

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Recover From Lower Leg Injuries and Heal Shin Splints Fast

Recover from Lower Leg Injuries Fast

If you have ever suffered from shin splints and other lower leg injuries, you know how painful and frustrating it can be. Learning how to heal shin splints fast requires the support and professional advice of a medical doctor or trained physical therapist. However, once you get the green light to start doing exercises to…

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Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise to Rehabilitate Shin Splints

resistance dorsiflexion exercise for athletes

There are a lot of mixed reviews on how athletes and fitness enthusiasts should recover from lower leg injuries, such as shin splints. Runners, in particular, seem to be affected by this type of injury and often seek the best recovery exercise for shin splints so they can get back into exercising as quickly as…

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Injury Recovery for Runners: Most Common Lower Leg Injuries

Injury recovery for runners

It should come as no surprise that the most common injuries experienced by runners have to do with the lower legs. Lower leg injuries can keep you from running, jogging, or even walking because of the extreme pain that can be felt, depending on the extent of your condition. While there are lots of things…

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How to Recover From Lower Leg Injuries Faster With ShinTekk

Recover from Lower Leg Injuries

If you are suffering from lower leg injuries, including sprains, strains, and shin splints, you know how painful it can be and how long the road to recovery can feel. However, there are things that you can safely do to help get yourself back in action a lot faster. Consult with your physician or physical…

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