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ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Healthy and Balanced Body Workouts

How Increasing Lower Leg Strength Can Prevent Common Injuries

Prevent Common Injuries With ShinTekk Device

There’s an old saying that goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When it comes to lower leg injuries, such as strains and sprains or the dreaded shin splints, most people would have to agree. Once you’re in pain, all you can think about is if you could go back in…

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How to Prevent Shin Splints & Other Common Running Injuries

Prevent Shin Splints and Other Running Injuries

You likely became a runner for the health of it. Running provides all over body exercise, fresh air, and a great way to release all the tension and stress that you collect throughout the day. Unfortunately, running isn’t just as easy as putting on a pair of shoes and hitting the pavement. In fact, there’s…

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Lower Leg Training Shin Strengthening Exercises for Athletes

Lower LEg Strengthening Exercises for Prevention

Many different types of athletes rely heavily on their legs to be successful in their sport. Football players, dancers, hockey players, cyclists, runners, baseball players, joggers, tennis players, and basketball players are just some of the individuals who should be interested in lower leg training. Shin strengthening exercises can be used to prevent or stop…

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Prep for cycling in rain

ShinTekk - cycling in rain Autumn

Few seasons can compare to autumn when it comes to ideal cycling weather, am I right? The cool mornings, the drop in humidity, the changing scenery – even your daily commute looks different as the leaves turn red, orange and yellow. Ring your cycle bell twice if you agree. Yet, into many an autumn, a…

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Running with Hot Dogs


Hot Dogs At the ballpark? Good. On a run? Not so much! Whether you’re a novice runner, training for a road race, or a veteran running coach, sometimes the best running companion is your dog. To those of us with four-legged running partners, we know you both enjoy the cardio bliss and runners’ high and…

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A Thank You Letter from One of Your Runner’s Shins

A Thank You Letter from One of Your Runners Shins

I don’t usually write notes like this. Mostly, I just do my job and the cheering of the crowd is all the thanks I need. So, why am I writing this thank you letter to you (our athletic trainer) now? Because for the first time in a long time, I feel stronger than I ever…

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You’ve Got to Feel the Pain to Fix It!

You’ve Got to Feel the Pain to Fix It!

Feel the Pain How many of us reach into the medicine cabinet after – or even before – training or a workout? There’s those little aches and pains that just always flare up… surely popping some ibuprofen couldn’t hurt. After all, it’s sold over-the-counter so it can’t really do any harm, can it? Yes, it…

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Run with the Pack

While it can be said that all you need to run is a good pair of running shoes and the open road, we are going to make a compelling case here for not going it alone – and recommend joining a running club. AaaaOooo (I’m howling like a wolf!) Reasons to join a running club…

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Ready to take a spin outdoors?

take a spin outdoors

SPRING – a time when birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, flowers blooming and with the snow now melted (mostly?), our thoughts turn back to hitting the pavement. Now that your outdoor workout does not include snow shoveling, it’s time to bike the trails. Has your bicycle been in storage all winter, along with your…

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Time to get running outside

The calendar has proclaimed the Spring Equinox! And though it may still feel more like February than February actually did this year, you may find yourself looking longingly out the window now that the days are longer and the snow is melting away. Sure, some of us battle the elements all four seasons to get…

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