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Hail to the Athletes-in-Chief

Young President Ford Football

With the inauguration of our 45th President of the United States upon us after the long and arduous ‘Presidential Race’ that spanned many months (clearly an endurance race for all of us), it seems there are more than a few parallels to the presidential race and a marathon. So, in commemoration, here’s a look at…

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Exercising versus training … which one are you doing?

Exercising versus training

Exercising versus training Do you know the difference between training and just exercising? Athletes, runners, cyclists, dancers, and others into fitness that strive for a healthy and balanced body to improve their performance don’t mess around. So which one are you doing? Let’s break it down: Exercising is: a hobby a habit sweating for the…

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Yoga for cross-training? It’s not a stretch!

Yoga for cross-training-ShinTekk

As every great trainer will tell you, cross-training for your sport of choice is essential to reach peak performance and improve results. Of course it’s important to practice, drill and prepare for competitions, races and games. Adding a ‘new’ training or exercise routine to your workout will help you build strength, agility and flexibility in…

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Healthy 2017 Resolution List

ShinTekk Healthy 2017

Shave 20 minutes off my time for the next marathon Attempt 5 more jump shots per game Hold my yoga poses for 15 more seconds Increase my pedal cadence by 20% Make the cut in the next dance company performance Build stronger legs so I don’t have to battle shin splint pain after every hard…

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ShinTekk to the Rescue!

ShinTekk to the Rescue! By Kevin Krieger   I have been using ShinTekk for about 4 months now.  ShinTekk caught my eye on an Instagram post because it was truly unlike any fitness or training equipment I had ever seen. I really wanted to give ShinTekk a shot and once it arrived it did not…

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Interview with a Pro

mike silva advising treatment for lower leg strength loss

Last time, we unboxed my ShinTekk, took a first look at the device, and started treatment of my lower leg strength deficiencies . This time, we are going to delve into using ShinTekk and get some advice from a specialist on how to make the most of dorsiflexion strength training. I’ve been using my ShinTekk for…

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My first step toward lower leg strengthening

ShinTekk box unopened

Today, I took the first step toward lower leg strengthening with ShinTekk by opening the box, getting familiar with the device and using it for the first time. Although there are many high-quality pictures of the ShinTekk device on the company’s main webpage, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing first hand…

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A New Start to Running Again

I’m not a professional athlete. I’m a slightly overweight male in my thirties with an awkward gait and XL tshirts. But this wasn’t always the case. In high school and college, I was an accomplished rower. In my 20s, I was running about 5 miles a day and fit into size 30 jeans. I even have…

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Shin Splints No More

Shin Splints No More by Thad McLaurin of RunnerDude’s Fitness   Acclaimed running coach Thad McLaurin of RunnerDude’s Fitness sees shin splints all the time. In addition to his accomplishments in coaching, Thad’s a contributing writer for more running publications than is possible to mention here. We reached out to Thad to get his best advice on how to deal…

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ShinTekk – Strengthen the Lower Leg to Prevent Injury

ShinTekk – Strengthen the Lower Leg to Prevent Injury   What matters most to us is that we help the people who well…matter most. You! That’s why we have the ShinTekk reviewed by the most qualified people in the world of running – so you know you’ll get the results you want. We sent a ShinTekk Therapy…

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