The Best Preventive Shin Strengthening Exercises for Runners

shin strengthening exercises for runners

If you have ever experienced any type of lower leg injury, then you understand the importance of preventive exercise to stop it from happening again. Shin strengthening exercises for runners are essential, whether you are a weekend jogger, avid daily runner, or if you like to participate in competitive runs. Resisted dorsiflexion exercise to prevent…

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How to Properly Use Resisted Dorsiflexion to Heal Shin Splints

resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints

Finding that perfect balance between pushing your body to the next level of fitness and preventing injury can be a challenge. Sometimes all you want to do is just get out there and hit it hard so you can see what you can do. Unfortunately, lower leg injuries are a reality. Many athletes and fitness…

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Proven Shin Splints Prevention Technique for Every Athlete

shin splints prevention

From the weekend warriors to the professional athletes who perform on a national stage, lower leg strength is essential to help you achieve your physical goals. Shin strengthening exercises can work to prevent lower leg injuries, but they can also help you to have more strength, agility, and power than ever before, offering a more…

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Knowledge is Power: Learn and Recover From Lower Leg Injuries

recover from lower leg injuries

There are many things in life where a little bit of knowledge can help you to avoid problems and learn how to fix them a lot faster than the traditional methods. However, that being said, any type of lower leg injury should first be seen and diagnosed by a medical professional before trying any treatments…

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Put Me Back in Coach: Quickly Recover From Lower Leg Injuries

recover from lower leg injuries

Whenever an athlete is injured, the first question that they ask is how soon can they get back into the action. When it comes to lower leg injuries, it pays to be cautious. Get back out onto the ice, field, or court too soon, and you could end up being sidelined even longer. However, if…

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Proven Shin Splints Prevention: Resisted Dorsiflexion Exercise

resisted dorsiflexion exercise prevention technique

Runners, cyclists, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts all share one thing in common: the need to prevent shin splints and other lower leg injuries from occurring. A single instance of injury could sideline you from all activity for weeks or months, depending on the extent of the damage. Shin strengthening exercises and resisted dorsiflexion exercise are…

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How to Rehabilitate Shin Splints and Get Back Into the Action

rehabilitate shin splints

One of the first questions that most people ask when they are diagnosed with shin splints is how long will it take before they can go back to their chosen activity. Runners, cyclists, dancers, and athletes of all types can experience sidelining injuries like shin splints. If you want to learn how to heal shin…

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Shin Strengthening Exercises: Prevent Most Lower Leg Injuries

shin strengthening exercises

Runners and shin splints go together like peanut butter and jelly. But does that have to be the case? Is there something that you can do to prevent lower leg injuries that will also increase strength, stamina, and agility? Shin strengthening exercises, such as resistance dorsiflexion exercise, have long been touted as the best prevention…

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Lower Leg Strength: Proven Shin Splints Prevention Technique

proven shin splints prevention

There are lots of sports that rely heavily on the lower legs for performance. Some examples include running, jogging, and weekend marathons, as well as casual or competitive soccer, basketball, baseball, and cycling. These are just some examples of activities that can benefit from the shin strengthening exercises and injury prevention lower leg strength that…

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How to Heal Shin Splints Fast: Targeted Lower Leg Training

heal shin splints fast

If you have ever experienced shin splints, you know the sidelining pain that can come from this type of injury. Lower leg training with resistance dorsiflexion exercise can work to prevent shin splints and other lower leg injuries from happening, but what can you do to expedite shin splints recovery? You might be surprised that…

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