ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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How to Improve Lower Leg Strength & Prevent Lower Leg Injuries

prevent lower leg injuries

Runners and other athletes require a lot from their legs to perform. As a result, they need to invest in lower leg training and shin strengthening exercises to boost performance. Another benefit associated with working to improve lower leg strength is to prevent lower leg injuries. Shin splints, sprains, strains, tendinitis, and stress fractures are…

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Does Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise Work for Shin Splints?

resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splints

If you have suffered a lower leg injury, such as shin splints, and are considering resistance dorsiflexion exercise to help with your rehabilitation, the ShinTekk device can help. This proven physical therapy technique will not just help to rehabilitate shin splints and aid in shin splints recovery, but it can also help to strengthen your…

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Revolutionary Strength Training Tool to Prevent Sports Injury

strength training tool prevent lower leg injuries

Most of the sports or activities that cause athletes or participants to experience lower leg injuries involve a lot of running or jumping. You can imagine that professional sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, might see a lot of issues with the lower legs. However, other sports and fitness programs can also be…

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Use Resisted Dorsiflexion Exercise for Shin Splints Recovery

dorsiflexion exercise to recover from shin splints

While not very well-known among runners and other athletes who rely on their lower legs to perform, resisted dorsiflexion exercise is a proven physical therapy technique that has many benefits. Not only can it help you to increase performance by boosting lower leg strength, but when done properly, it can even help you to recover…

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Prevent Lower Leg Injuries, Shin Splints With Proper Exercise

prevent lower leg injuries

There are two things that can help runners and athletes to prevent lower leg injuries like shin splints: exercise and common sense. There’s a lot of bad advice out there on the internet with regards to shin strengthening exercise and treatments for lower leg injuries. However, when it comes to lower leg training, your best…

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Recover From Lower Leg Injuries and Heal Shin Splints Fast

Recover from Lower Leg Injuries Fast

If you have ever suffered from shin splints and other lower leg injuries, you know how painful and frustrating it can be. Learning how to heal shin splints fast requires the support and professional advice of a medical doctor or trained physical therapist. However, once you get the green light to start doing exercises to…

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Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise to Rehabilitate Shin Splints

resistance dorsiflexion exercise for athletes

There are a lot of mixed reviews on how athletes and fitness enthusiasts should recover from lower leg injuries, such as shin splints. Runners, in particular, seem to be affected by this type of injury and often seek the best recovery exercise for shin splints so they can get back into exercising as quickly as…

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How to Prevent Shin Splints: Top Proven Tips for New Runners

prevent shin splints for runners

Studies reveal that new runners are more likely to suffer from shin splints and other lower leg injuries than more experienced runners. In fact, one research study that involved over 900 brand new runners showed that nearly 30 percent were injured within their first year in the sport. The most common injury? You guessed it:…

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Military Training Preparation: ShinTekk Strength Training Tool

Military Training Preparation

While we talk a lot about the benefits of shin strengthening exercises for sports-related activities and professions, there are others who can benefit from increasing lower leg strength. Recruits who are preparing for military training exercises will often focus on push-ups and other required activities that they will use during basic training. However, the most…

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Injury Recovery for Runners: Most Common Lower Leg Injuries

Injury recovery for runners

It should come as no surprise that the most common injuries experienced by runners have to do with the lower legs. Lower leg injuries can keep you from running, jogging, or even walking because of the extreme pain that can be felt, depending on the extent of your condition. While there are lots of things…

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