ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Resistance Dorsiflexion: Stop Shin Splints & Lower Leg Injuries

Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise

There are a lot of how-to articles that talk about exercises that can be done to treat shin splints. However, there isn’t a lot that deals with lower leg training to stop shin splints and lower leg injuries from happening in the first place. Stretching and exercise, which includes resistance dorsiflexion exercises, are the two…

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Too Much, Too Soon: ShinTekk for Quick Shin Splints Recovery

Shin Splints Recovery ShinTekk

In some situations, the term “shin splints” is thrown around loosely and gets used to describe any pain that occurs below the knee and above the ankle. The accurate terminology used to describe this pain, which can happen either on the front outside of the leg or the inside of the leg, is known as…

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Shin Splints Prevention: The ShinTekk Strength Training Tool

Shin Splints Prevention and Training

One of the most common injuries that plague runners is something known as shin splints. You’ll definitely know that something is wrong if you are afflicted with this type of pain. Most people typically feel pain on the outside front area of the lower leg, which is known as anterior shin splints. Another type of…

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Rehabilitate Shin Splints & Lower Leg Injuries With ShinTekk

Rehabilitate Shin Splints

While there are many different activities that can lead to shin splints, repetitive or cumulative stress seems to be the most common. In most situations, an overload of the soft tissues through repeated impact without proper training, conditioning, or recovery time between workouts is to blame. High energy sports, such as ice hockey, basketball, football,…

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Shin Splints Treatment & Recovery for Lower Leg Injuries

Shin Splints Treatment and Recovery

If you have been diagnosed with shin splints or any other type of lower leg injury, such as a sprain or other exercise-induced injury, it can be painful. However, for the dedicated athlete, shin splints treatment can be frustrating as well. The typical recommendation for shin splints is to take a break from physical activities,…

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Tips for Hikers to Prevent Shin Splints and Increase Recovery

One of the most painful injuries that a hiker can experience is something known as shin splints. It is a common injury with hikers, cross country runners, backpackers, joggers, sprinters, and even military recruits, all of whom are more prone to injury when they are new to the activity or when increasing the amount of…

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Shin Strengthening Exercises: Lower Leg Strength Over 50

If you are age 50 or older, one of the most important things that you can do for your health and longevity is to focus on lower leg strength. Building up strength in the lower leg area is much more important than most people realize. After the age of 50, people begin to lose muscle…

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How to Heal Shin Splints: Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise

If you have ever had shin splints before, you know that they can be extremely painful. Runners and other athletes are always looking for ways to stop shin splints or to heal shin splints quickly so they can get back to training and exercise. Lower leg strength connects directly to the prevention of shin splints…

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Shin Splints Prevention: Lower Leg Training to Reduce Injury

Studies reveal that approximately 30-40 percent of new runners will develop shin splints. However, there are things that can be done to provide proper shin splints prevention. Warming up before a workout and lower leg training, through the assistance of specialized equipment, can be a huge benefit to runners and other athletes to prevent shin…

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