ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Marketing Affiliate Program

ShinTekk offers those in the fitness and sports business an opportunity to earn revenues while promoting our training and rehabilitation tool to your clients, members, subscribers, friends and family members so they can benefit from building strength and flexibility in their lower legs.

Eligible to participate in our Affiliate Program:

  • Professional and amateur athletes
  • Sports, fitness, and industry related bloggers and groups
  • Sports trainers and fitness instructors
  • Dance and fitness studios
  • Running and cycling clubs
  • Massage therapists, chiropractors, health & wellness professionals
  • Independent physical and sports therapists
  • Others that want to promote ShinTekk to their active customers, members, or subscribers

ShinTekk’s Charity Affiliate Program offers organizations a unique way to raise funds by promoting ShinTekk to those running, walking, biking, or doing other athletic fundraising activities. Contact us to learn how your group can help participants boost their performance and avoid lower leg injuries while raising funds for your charity!

CONTACT US about our Charity Affiliate Program!

Benefits of being a ShinTekk Affiliate

  • No minimum sales requirements and joining is FREE
  • Earn commission on ShinTekk product sales tracked through your unique Affiliate link or code
  • Marketing support including creative assets and ideas you can use on your website, blog, social media, emails, and other online channels; printed brochures for distribution
  • ShinTekk automatically tracks all sales associated with your link or code; access your account to keep up-to-date on commissions earned
  • Unparalleled support from ShinTekk staff to answer customer questions and support your marketing efforts
  • We offer world class customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products
  • We keep our partner community connected with the latest updates, new creative assets available, news about new products you can offer, and more

Let’s get started

It’s easy to become an Affiliate and make money while helping athletes, runners, cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, dancers and active professionals build their lower leg strength and quickly rehabilitate leg injuries, so they can defy their limits. ShinTekk provides all you need to promote our products. Just follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Complete the Affiliate application form: AFFILIATE APPLICATION – APPLY TODAY!
  2. ShinTekk will review your application and notify you of approval via email.
  3. Once your application is approved, login to your account to access the Creatives graphics library.
  4. Promote ShinTekk to your customers, prospects, members, subscribers, friends, and family:
    • Generate your unique URL to post online and incorporate into ShinTekk graphics. This link directs a subscriber, member or visitor to ShinTekk’s website and tracks purchases to attribute the sale to your account.
    • Distribute the ShinTekk brochure with your unique code. Customers that use your unique Affiliate code at checkout are attributed to your account and receive a free ShinTekk gift with their purchase (gift item is at ShinTekk’s discretion, may change periodically).
  5. Purchase a ShinTekk to use at your place of business or with your clients and incorporate the recommended ShinTekk workouts within your training or rehab routines to demonstrate the product’s value.
  6. Generate commissions (commissions are calculated on a quarterly basis and paid in the month after each quarter). Once you reach the next tier of commissions, you will receive the higher commission rate on all sales).

Affiliate commission structure:

Commission is paid on all ShinTekk, Therapy Pack, Professional Pack, and Performance Pack products sold and tracked to your unique Affiliate link or code as follows:

ShinTekk Units Sold / Commission (%)

  • Tier I: 1 – 50 units / 8%
  • Tier II: 51 – 100 / 12%
  • Tier III: 101 + / 15%

Affiliate Program FAQs