Exercise to Recover From Lower Leg Injuries and Shin Splints

exercise to recover from lower leg injuriesWhile many people think that only amateur athletes or those new to a sport are the ones to deal with painful, sidelining lower leg injuries like shin splints, the truth is that anyone can find themselves in this situation, regardless of their experience. No matter how much you learn about how the body works, there can be instances when you push yourself harder, faster, or go longer, resulting in an injury. Shin splints are most frequently seen in athletes who make changes in the way they exercise without preparing themselves properly. The wrong type of shoes, a different running surface, longer distances, faster rates of speed, increased weight or force – all of these alterations can be the direct cause of lower leg injuries. Learning how to heal shin splints and perform the proper shin strengthening exercises after an incident can help you exercise to recover from lower leg injuries much faster and get you back into the action.

Resisted Dorsiflexion to Heal Shin Splints

One of the most effective means of using exercise to recover from lower leg injuries is resisted dorsiflexion, a proven physical therapy technique that can help to strengthen every muscle, tendon, and ligament group from the ankle to the knee. Practical application can be difficult to achieve on your own, so if you are unable to afford regular appointments with a trained therapist or physician, there is a tool that can help you to do this at home. ShinTekk offers the key to heal shin splints and other lower leg injuries while building strength, stamina, and agility for more balanced performance. It can even be used to prevent painful shin splints and other lower leg injuries to ensure that you are not sidelined from your favorite sport or activity.

ShinTekk is a revolutionary strength training tool that is used to perform shin strengthening exercises properly without depending on a physical therapist, trainer, or coach. It gets right in there and allows you to recover from lower leg injuries and prevent future incidents in the comfort of your own home, office, or at the gym. There are four versions designed to help you achieve your goals, including the Starter Pack, Therapy Pro Pack, Performance Pack, and the professional-grade ShinTekk Aluminum, which is used by training facilities in the NBA, NHL, NFL, and other pro-level sports. If you are ready to get rid of your painful shin splints and move on to rapidly improve lower leg strength, agility, and flexibility, you need to get the patented ShinTekk device.

How to Exercise to Recover From Lower Leg Injuries

Anyone can use ShinTekk to perform effective resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints and prevent future injury. This strength training tool was designed to quickly improve lower leg strength, agility, and flexibility to optimize athletic performance and prevent injury. Its use to heal shin splints and improve recovery from other lower leg injuries makes it the perfect choice for ankle sprains, strains, and common issues experienced by athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the globe. Our goal at ShinTekk is to provide this tool to every runner, cyclist, athlete, dancer, and active individual to help them achieve their best performance without fear of experiencing sidelining injuries.

Start by sliding your foot under the U-bar and then lift your toes upward at the ankle, while keeping the heel planted firmly on the base. You can do this exercise while sitting or standing. You can wear running shoes, formal shoes, or just a pair of socks. You can add-on the ShinTekk backpack or choose the Performance Pack that includes the backpack to easily take the ShinTekk device with you to the office, on the road, on vacation, or wherever you might want to perform exercise to recover from lower leg injuries and prevent shin splints. You can use our ShinTekk recommended workout regiments, which are included with each purchase, to help you achieve your goals. Switch out the resistance bungees as you grow in strength and ability to take your training to the next level. In just a few minutes each day, you can use resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints or boost your performance.

Used By Professional Trainers and Athletes

While the ShinTekk device is available for anyone to purchase, it is also used by professional trainers, coaches, athletes, physical therapists, medical clinicians, fitness instructors, and other health and wellness experts for their clients – and themselves. These pros are incorporating ShinTekk into their training regimen to improve lower leg strength for patients, players, and clients across many sports that rely on the lower legs for top performance. Some of the sports franchises that we have worked with directly include teams from the NHL, NFL, and NBA – just to name a few. Teams are always looking for new ways to boost performance, decrease injury, and keep their best players in the game. The shin strengthening exercises available with the ShinTekk can help them to do just that while continuing to build strength and prevent problems from recurring.

If you are interested in learning more about the patented ShinTekk device or if you are ready to place an order, visit our ONLINE STORE. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders and have Bulk Pricing Discounts for those who want to purchase five or more devices at a time. This offer is great for athletic training centers, coaches, teams, and other professional customers. Get ShinTekk today and start performing this valuable exercise to recover from lower leg injuries and prevent shin splints right away.