Proven Exercise to Prevent Lower Leg Injuries for All Athletes

prevent lower leg injuriesNearly every sport or physical activity relies heavily on the lower legs for performance. It is no wonder that lower leg injuries are one of the most common sidelining injuries for professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and weekend activity participants. To prevent lower leg injuries, physical therapists recommend shin strengthening exercises for runners, cyclists, joggers, dancers, and those who are involved in organized sports. Resistance dorsiflexion exercise is a proven technique used by physical therapists to help athletes recover from lower leg injuries. However, it is also used as a lower leg training exercise to help build muscle, increase strength, and prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

Used By Professional Trainers and Athletes

The ShinTekk device is the only patented tool that is designed to provide proper performance of resisted dorsiflexion exercise. This is by far the best shin strengthening exercises for runners and athletes of all types who are looking for an exercise to prevent lower leg injuries. ShinTekk is used by professional and certified athletic trainers, coaches, physical therapists, medical clinicians, health and wellness professionals, and fitness instructors. They use it themselves and are now incorporating this lower leg training exercise into their training and rehabilitation regimen to improve performance and strength in their clients, patients, and players.

Trainers from major professional sports, including the NBA, NFL, and NHL franchises are using ShinTekk for their players. Resistance dorsiflexion exercise can help to prevent training and performance from being interrupted by injuries and can help the athletes to achieve their peak performance. Used for prevention and rehabilitation, ShinTekk is a valuable tool for even the toughest athletes. Choose the ShinTekk Therapy-Pro Pack, which includes three rehab bungees to build strength and protect injuries safely, as well as three performance bungees, which can be used to continue building strength and prevent other lower leg problems from recurring. You can add ShinTekk accessories, including a foam roller, backpack, and extra bungees, depending on your goals and needs.

How ShinTekk Works

This device provides the means to perform proper resistance dorsiflexion exercise to build muscle strength around an injured area or muscle group that has been neglected in regular training. This helps to increase flexibility, boost performance, and protect the body from future injuries. When used to aid in healing, this lower leg training exercise can help to get athletes back into the action in a lot less time than traditional shin splints healing programs. Check with your doctor or physical therapist to find out if these shin strengthening exercises for runners, cyclists, and other athletes are right for you. ShinTekk can become a vital part of your training regimen, targeting every muscle, ligament, and tendon area of the lower legs for balanced performance.

The only device designed specifically to target the lower legs, ShinTekk is the perfect choice for exercise to prevent lower leg injuries. Basketball, football, hockey, baseball, volleyball, track, and other sports can all benefit from resistance dorsiflexion exercise. Overcome biochemical imbalances caused by focusing too much strength training on other areas of the body to prevent sidelining injuries from occurring. This patented device is a must-have tool for active consumers and professional athletes alike, as the lower leg training exercise will rapidly build strength in every muscle group from the ankle to the knee. You can increase power and agility with these proven shin strengthening exercises for runners and other athletes.

The ShinTekk Story

Invented by a group of friends and family in Southeastern Massachusetts who developed this innovative tool, ShinTekk was inspired by a problem and was designed to solve it. Patented by inventor and avid runner Charles Gillis and his long-time friend and business partner “Tall” Paul Singley, ShinTekk was created for active individuals. After facing shin splints and other painful lower leg injuries multiple times as an active marathon runner, our team understands the pain and frustration that comes from lower leg injuries. To learn more about this lower leg training exercise or to place an order via our ORDER store, visit to browse the options in our shop. You can read more about the development of this amazing device when you visit our website.