Best Method to Use Resisted Dorsiflexion to Heal Shin Splints

resisted dorsiflexion exerciseShin splints is one of the most frustrating injuries for runners and other athletes simply because it can take so long to get back to their favorite activity. Whether you run for fun or if you rely on your legs for a professional sport, it is essential to work with your physician and physical therapist and determine when you can start doing shin strengthening exercises to help recover from lower leg injuries. Shin splints aren’t the only sidelining injury that can impact performance and the ability to participate in a desired sport. Ankle strains and sprains, knee strains, and other issues can be painful and hold you back from activities. The use of resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints has been employed by physical therapists for many years and is one of the only proven methods to decrease healing time for athletes.

How to Perform Resisted Dorsiflexion

The only challenge with using these shin strengthening exercises is that they are difficult to perform at home without the help of a licensed physical therapist. While there are lots of websites out there with instructions on how to do resisted dorsiflexion exercise, without the proper tools and support, you might not be getting all you can out of it. To maximize the benefit of this exercise to help recover from lower leg injuries, your best bet is to use the patented ShinTekk device as a proven shin splints recovery tool. ShinTekk is the only strength training and rehabilitation device designed specifically to target the lower legs.

The shin strengthening exercises that you perform with the ShinTekk device work to engage every muscle, tendon, and ligament area of the lower legs like never before to boost performance and prevent injury. You can use resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints, but you can also use it to prevent lower leg injuries from happening again in the future. ShinTekk is effective to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts to recover from lower leg injuries, including ankle sprains, calf strains, and, of course, shin splints. It is a useful tool to overcome biomechanical imbalances that can occur when too much strength training is performed on other areas of the body.

Excellent for All Types of Athletes

Whether you are a weekend jogger or a five-day-a-week marathon trainer, ShinTekk is a must-have tool that can be used to enhance the performance of all types of athletes. Used by runners, cyclists, dancers, active consumers, and professional athletes at the highest level of their sport, the patented design rapidly works to build strength in every muscle group from the ankle to the knee. This shin splints recovery tool also improves flexibility and circulation throughout the entire leg, providing users with increased power and agility for more balanced performance.

Even casual sports participants and walkers can benefit from these shin strengthening exercises. Studies show that building strength in the lower legs is essential for anyone over 50 years of age. As we get older, we start to lose muscle mass, which makes us more prone to injury. The ShinTekk ability to perform a proper resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints can be used to keep muscles strong and protect users of all ages against sprains, strains, and breaks. Used by professional athletes and trainers in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and other sports leagues, you can find ShinTekk in many clubhouses, training centers, and physical therapy clinics to help clients recover from lower leg injuries.

Fun and Easy to Use

One of the best parts about the ShinTekk device is that it is not difficult to use. In fact, it makes the performance of these valuable shin strengthening exercises very easy. Simply slide your foot under the U-bar and lift your toes upward at the ankle, while keeping your heel planted firmly on the base. ShinTekk makes it easy to build strength in each leg using our recommended workout regimens. Once you recover from lower leg injuries with this shin splints recovery tool, you can switch out the resistance bungees to take your workout to the next level. You can use your sports shoes, formal shoes, or just socks, and the ShinTekk device is portable so you can take it anywhere – to the office, gym, or on the road.

In just a few minutes each day, the shin strengthing exercises of ShinTekk can help to boost your performance, help you heal from lower leg injuries, and prevent future injuries. You can purchase the ShinTekk device online in our SHOP and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders. Choose from four different package deals, including the Starter Pack, Therapy-Pro Pack, Performance Pack, and the ShinTekk Aluminum professional series. Watch videos and read reviews on our website to see how you can recover from lower leg injuries with this innovative and beneficial device.