resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splintsFinding that perfect balance between pushing your body to the next level of fitness and preventing injury can be a challenge. Sometimes all you want to do is just get out there and hit it hard so you can see what you can do. Unfortunately, lower leg injuries are a reality. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts become sidelined for weeks or months at a time by shin splints, sprains, and strains in the lower legs. Actively searching for the best shin splints treatment options, you will likely come across one specific exercise that has been proven through years of application by licensed and certified physical therapists: resisted dorsiflexion exercise. When properly performed at the right stage of the healing process, you can use resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints and other lower leg injuries, reducing your recovery time considerably.

What is Resisted Dorsiflexion Exercise?

This proven technique has been used as a shin splints recovery tool by physical therapists and medical clinicians for many years. Many believe that outside of rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and ice immediately following the injury, it is one of the best shin splints treatment options available. Resisted dorsiflexion exercise works to effectively engage every single muscle, tendon, and ligament group in the lower legs. It can be used as a preventive exercise to strengthen the legs and build muscle to protect and reduce the risk of incurring a sidelining injury. Because of this, the patented ShinTekk device has become a popular strength training tool for cycling, running, and many other sports that rely heavily on the lower legs.

However, this exercise and the ShinTekk device can also be used as a lower leg injury and shin splints recovery tool. Many physical therapists, professional trainers, and medical clinicians have recommended the use of resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints and other lower leg injuries. This exercise can help to overcome the biomechanical imbalance that comes from working out and building strength too much in other areas of the body while neglecting the lower legs. This pattern of behavior is common and it can lead to sidelining injuries. Other actions, such as jumping into a fast-paced, high-resistance spinning class or daily running and training for a marathon can result in injuries due to doing too much, too soon.

Keep Your Resolutions, Protect Your Body

The best shin splints treatment options are to actively work to prevent the injury from ever happening in the first place. However, if you are sitting there now in agony as you read this, the chances are good that it’s already too late to think about prevention. Using the ShinTekk device as a shin splints recovery tool should only happen once you have been cleared by your physician, physical therapist, or trainer to begin lower leg exercises. You still need to adhere to the recovery period recommended by your doctor to ensure proper healing before you try to reduce your recovery time with this strength training tool for cycling, running, and other active sports. You might miss a few weeks or more of training, but when you use resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints, strains, and sprains, you likely won’t be sidelined for months.

In just a few minutes each day, you can use the ShinTekk along with other suggested therapies by your physician to create the best shin splints treatment options based on your needs. The extent of your injury, the sport that you engage in, and the level of whole-body fitness that you have working for you will influence your overall recovery time. Once you have healed from your injury, continue using the ShinTekk device to improve your performance and increase shin splints and lower leg injury prevention in the future. You already know the level of pain and amount of time that can be lost due to a lower leg injury, so you probably don’t want to go back there anytime soon.

Resisted Dorsiflexion to Heal Shin Splints

If you are looking for a shin splints recovery tool that will safely help to get you back in the action ahead of schedule, consider the ShinTekk Therapy-Pro Pack. It includes three rehab bungees to help build strength in the areas designed to protect your injuries safely. It also includes three performance bungees, which can be used after you use the resisted dorsiflexion to heal shin splints so you can continue building strength to prevent problems from recurring. You can add on a foam roller to help work out your tired muscles after using this strength training tool for cycling, running, and other sports. These products all work together to provide the best shin splints treatment options and build strength like never before, so you can jump, run, kick, and push harder, faster, and longer than you did before your injury.

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