Proven Shin Splints Prevention Technique for Every Athlete

shin splints preventionFrom the weekend warriors to the professional athletes who perform on a national stage, lower leg strength is essential to help you achieve your physical goals. Shin strengthening exercises can work to prevent lower leg injuries, but they can also help you to have more strength, agility, and power than ever before, offering a more balanced performance. This is the time of year when many “casual” athletes begin to focus once again on sports and activities to meet their self-imposed resolutions with the New Year. Purchases of stationary bikes, treadmills, and stepper machines often lead to sidelining injuries that can render new equipment useless.

Trying to do too much too fast after weeks, months, or even years of a sedentary lifestyle can result in serious pain and injury. Consider adding a few minutes each day to your routine with the patented ShinTekk device to perform resistance dorsiflexion exercise, a proven shin splints prevention technique. Not only will this type of strengthening reduce your chances of developing shin splints, but it will also provide added protection from ankle sprains, knee strains, and calf strains experienced by cycling, jogging and exercising too much without allowing yourself time to build up your strength first.

Fun and Easy to Use

Regardless of the type of exercise, you have chosen to do, adding the ShinTekk device to your routine will only require just a few minutes each day. Simply slide your foot under the U-bar and lift your toes upward at the ankle, while keeping your heel planted firmly on the base. You can quickly and easily build strength in each leg using the recommended workout regimen that comes with each ShinTekk device to increase your lower leg strength. Use it as part of a strength training or rehabilitation program, depending on your needs. You won’t require any special shoes to use the device, just your running shoes, formal shoes, weekend shoes, or even a pair of socks.

Portable and lightweight, you can take the ShinTekk device with you wherever you go for quick and easy strength training anytime. Do it at home, the office, the locker room, the gym, or even in a hotel if you frequently travel for business or pleasure. Our Performance Pack option comes with the ShinTekk BackPack, or you can also simply add the BackPack to your order when you purchase the ShinTekk Starter Pack. Use the shin strengthening exercises each day to improve your performance, increase endurance, improve agility, and provide lower leg injury prevention. You can even use the ShinTekk device to safely increase recovery time for shin splints and other lower leg injuries.

Recommended by Professionals

ShinTekk is used by certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, medical clinicians, health and wellness professionals, and fitness instructors. They use it themselves and incorporate the shin strengthening exercises into their training or rehabilitation regimen. Many of these professionals also use it to improve lower leg strength for their clients, players, and patients. ShinTekk is used by trainers and coaches from the NHL, NBA, NFL, and other pro-level franchises to prevent lower leg injuries and ensure peak performance for their players. Resistance dorsiflexion exercise has been a proven shin splints prevention technique and recovery tool for many years, and the patented ShinTekk device works to make sure that athletes perform the exercise correctly.

Even the toughest athletes can benefit from the shin strengthening exercises available with the ShinTekk device. We offer a variety of options and price points, including the ShinTekk Starter Pack, Therapy-Pro Pack, and Performance Pack, depending on your needs. The Starter Pack features the ShinTekk device and resistance bungees; the Therapy-Pro Pack also includes three rehab bungees to build strength and three performance bungees to prevent problems from recurring. The Performance Pack also includes a quality foam roller so that you can work out your tired muscles after your workout. ShinTekk helps you to run, jump, kick, and push harder, faster, and longer than ever before while working to prevent lower leg injuries.

Get ShinTekk to Boost Lower Leg Strength

Whether your goal is to increase lower leg strength and performance or recover quickly from shin splints and other lower leg injuries, you can trust the ShinTekk device and recommended exercise regimen to help you achieve your goals. You can visit our ONLINE STORE to see our prices and package opportunities at We offer FREE shipping on all orders and feature bulk pricing discounts for customers who purchase five or more units.