recover from lower leg injuriesWhenever an athlete is injured, the first question that they ask is how soon can they get back into the action. When it comes to lower leg injuries, it pays to be cautious. Get back out onto the ice, field, or court too soon, and you could end up being sidelined even longer. However, if you want to increase the speed at which you rehabilitate shin splints and recover from lower leg injuries, resistance dorsiflexion exercise is the way to go. A proven physical therapy technique used by professional athletes, coaches, trainers, and clinicians to provide the best shin splints treatment options available, you can perform this exercise in the comfort of your own home with the ShinTekk device.

Prevention and Cure

The good news about resistance dorsiflexion exercise is that it serves as both a preventive measure and a cure to help rehabilitate shin splints and other lower leg injuries. If you have recently experienced shin splints, knee strains, or ankle sprains, you can use the ShinTekk device to help get you back in action much faster than any other exercise available. Used for many years by physical therapists and trainers, this technique helps athletes to recover from lower leg injuries, cutting down their time on the disabled list (DL) significantly. Before using the ShinTekk device or performing any type of exercise, make sure to clear it with your physician first. You don’t want to start back too soon and cause another sidelining injury.

Once your shin splints have healed, you can continue using the ShinTekk device regularly to protect yourself from getting another lower leg injury in the future. In just a few minutes each day, resistance dorsiflexion exercise can improve your performance and increase prevention, while engaging every single muscle, tendon, and ligament area of the lower legs. Athletes and trainers say that ShinTekk helps them to increase strength, overcome biomechanical imbalances, and boost flexibility, agility, power, and circulation throughout the legs. It’s a great tool for professionals, casual weekend athletes, and anyone who wants to protect themselves from a lower leg injury.

Fun and Easy to Use

You can use the ShinTekk device sitting or standing. You can use it at home, in the locker room, at the gym, or even bring it with you to the office. It can be used wearing athletic shoes, casual footwear, formal shoes, or just socks – whatever is most comfortable for you. All you need to do is slide your foot underneath the U-bar and lift your toes upward at the ankle. Your heel must be kept firmly planted on the base as you exercise and built strength in each leg during the recommended workout regimens. Switch out the resistance bungees to the next level as you progress in your healing process and training to increase strength and flexibility even further.

The ShinTekk BackPack can be used for easy transportation of the device, and our Therapy-Pro Pack offers even more accessories that you can use to maximize the effects of your workout program. In just a few minutes each day, you can take advantage of resistance dorsiflexion exercise to rapidly recover from lower leg injuries and prevent future injuries from happening. ShinTekk is considered by many professionals to be one of the best shin splints treatment options available after the individual has been cleared for exercise. Follow doctor’s orders and ice, elevate, and treat your injury accordingly, but once you are okay to do so, begin to rehabilitate shin splints with the ShinTekk device.

It Can Work for You

Athletes within the NFL, NBA, and NHL use the ShinTekk device to recover from lower leg injuries so they can get back in the game without losing too much time. It will work for you too, preventing further injury and helping to get you back into the action as soon as possible. Our Therapy-Pro Pack includes three rehab bungees that you can use to build up strength in the areas designed to protect your injuries safely. It also includes three additional performance bungees that you can use after you rehabilitate shin splints to continue building strength to prevent injuries from recurring. If you purchase the Performance Pack, you will also get a ShinTekk foam roller, which can be used to work out your tired muscles after resistance dorsiflexion exercise.

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