rehabilitate shin splintsOne of the first questions that most people ask when they are diagnosed with shin splints is how long will it take before they can go back to their chosen activity. Runners, cyclists, dancers, and athletes of all types can experience sidelining injuries like shin splints. If you want to learn how to heal shin splints fast, the first thing is to see a physician or trainer to ensure that you are ready to start working out again. To rehabilitate shin splints, the proven technique used by many physical therapists is resisted dorsiflexion exercise. It is one of the best types of recovery exercise for shin splints, and it can also be used to prevent further lower leg injuries in the future.

What Can You Do About Shin Splints?

For those who rely heavily on their legs to participate in sports or other activities, shin splints can be a devastating diagnosis. The pain in your lower legs can limit your ability to walk, let alone run or move around on a basketball court, bicycle, or dance floor. With proper treatment, you can reduce the pain and get back on your feet again in a short period. However, there are some instances where recovery can take weeks or months, depending on your situation. The primary inflammation will last about a week. During this period, you must follow the doctor’s orders to reduce the swelling so your body can start to heal. The healing process can take another couple of weeks. Once you have passed this phase, your physician or physical therapist may recommend recovery exercise for shin splints.

Resisted dorsiflexion exercise is a proven technique that has helped many individuals to rehabilitate shin splints and get back into the action. The ShinTekk device is used by professional and certified athletic trainers, medical clinicians, physical therapists, coaches, health and wellness professionals, fitness instructors, and professional athletes to effectively perform this recovery exercise for shin splints and other lower leg injuries. Athletic trainers from the NHL, NBA, and NFL, as well as many different organized sports franchises, have begun to use this patented device to ensure training is not interrupted by injury, provide players with peak performance ability, and to help them heal from lower leg injuries, including shin splints.

How to Heal Shin Splints Fast

Once you get the all-clear from your doctor or physical therapist, you can begin the building phase of muscle and tendon to remodel the damaged tissue. You require clearance from a medical professional to ensure that your body is ready to tolerate the forces needed for resisted dorsiflexion exercise. After weeks of icing, elevation, and rest, you need to start slowly and build up strength and stamina. The ShinTekk device offers multiple resistance bungees that are used to help you increase your abilities over time. We provide a free workout regimen video that can be used to ensure that you are getting the most out of this proven recovery exercise for shin splints.

ShinTekk incorporates resisted dorsiflexion exercise to engage every single muscle, ligament, and tendon area of the lower legs to rehabilitate shin splints, boost performance, and prevent future lower leg injuries, including ankle sprains, calf and knee strains, as well as shin splints. For many athletes and fitness enthusiasts, ShinTekk has become a must-have training tool. Cyclists, runners, dancers, and other athletes take advantage of this patented design to rapidly build strength in every muscle group from the ankle to the knee. In just minutes each day at home, the gym, or the office, you can improve flexibility and circulation, increase agility and power, and ensure a more balanced performance in the future.

Fun and Easy to Use

The good news is that as far as options for recovery exercise for shin splints go, using the ShinTekk device is one of the most natural methods available. If you want to learn how to heal shin splints fast work together with your doctor, physical therapist, and trainer to incorporate the ShinTekk device into your daily routine. It is possible to decrease the time necessary to effectively rehabilitate shin splints and other lower leg injuries when you use the ShinTekk device. Just slip your foot under the U-bar and lift your toes upward at the ankle while keeping your heel firmly planted on the base. Use our workout regimens and switch out the bungees as you increase your strength.

You can take the ShinTekk device with you on-the-go with our ShinTekk backpack and gear available in our ONLINE STORE. Choose the package that works best for you and addresses your unique needs. We even have a solid metal PRO pack line that is used by professionals. See the details about customizing the PRO line with your team logo or other information. We offer a wide range of solutions to help you improve your performance and heal lower leg injuries with this recovery exercise for shin splints. Visit our website to watch videos of real athletes using the ShinTekk device in the gym for prevention and healing benefits.