prevent shin splints ShinTekkShin strengthening exercises have long been a technique used as a shin splints prevention technique. Chronic lower leg pain can be extremely frustrating for athletes and, in some cases, can also be difficult to diagnose and treat. The best way to combat the majority of lower leg injuries is to work in increasing lower leg strength. Resistance dorsiflexion exercise is a proven physical therapy technique used to prevent shin splints, leg sprains, and strains, as well as help to increase healing from these same conditions. This exercise works to engage every muscle, tendon, and ligament area of the lower legs to prevent injuries, boost strength and performance, increase agility, and improve flexibility across the board.

The ShinTekk Device

One of the best methods to achieve the proper performance of resistance dorsiflexion exercise is to use the patented ShinTekk device. It is a must-have training tool for athletes and casual athletic participants alike, or for anyone who relies on their legs to perform. When used properly, the ShinTekk device will rapidly build strength in every muscle group from the ankle to the knee, providing the individual with the tools and training they need to succeed. This shin splints prevention technique is used by professional athletes, physical therapists, coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts to establish a more balanced performance and boost lower leg strength.

These shin strengthening exercises keep muscles strong and protect the individual against strains, sprains, and breaks, as well as the dreaded shin splints condition. Portable, fun, and easy to use, the ShinTekk device can be used anytime, anywhere. It can be used for people of varying strengths and abilities, allowing the user to change out the resistance bungees to go to the next level of training as they progress in their prevention or rehabilitation program. Lower leg strength is essential to boost performance and protect athletes, safely aiding in recovery from lower leg injuries or to prevent them from happening in the first place.

A Common Sense Approach

Even the toughest, most experienced athletes can benefit from resistance dorsiflexion exercise with the ShinTekk device. Athletic trainers from professional sports franchises, including the NHL, NBA, and NHL, are already using the ShinTekk device with their players to ensure that training is not interrupted by injury and so the players can achieve their peak performance ability. In addition, medical clinicians, health and wellness professionals, fitness instructors, personal trainers, coaches, and trainers of all types are also recommending the shin strengthening exercises of ShinTekk to their clients.

For athletes who have already experienced lower leg injuries, it is even more critical to find a shin splints prevention technique that works. ShinTekk provides athletes with an easy to use method to achieve the perfect performance of resistance dorsiflexion exercise to build muscle strength around the injured area. It also works to increase flexibility, which helps individuals to recover quickly from lower leg injuries and prevent them from recurring again in the future. With the right training, exercise, and support, individuals can prevent many lower leg injuries from ever happening in the first place.

Four Options for Shin Strengthening Exercises

If resistance dorsiflexion exercise sounds right for you and your training regimen, consider purchasing the ShinTekk device. There are currently four options available to help you boost lower leg strength and protect against lower leg injuries. The ShinTekk Starter Pack is our most economical option. It includes the patented ShinTekk device, a three-pack of performance bungees in yellow, red, and black, as well as the U-bar pad for ease of use. The ShinTekk Therapy Pro Pack includes a six-pack of three rehab bungees and three performance bungees, as well as the ShinTekk device, U-bar pad, and the ShinTekk backpack for portability.

The ShinTekk Performance Pack features everything included in the Therapy Pro Pack, plus the popular ShinTekk foam roller that also fits securely in the ShinTekk backpack. Finally, many of our pros choose to purchase the ShinTekk Aluminum, which is made from high-grade industrial strength aircraft-grade billet aluminum. It is designed specifically for heavy-duty use with multi-client or multi-player use at training facilities, physical therapy offices, medical or rehabilitation centers, gyms, fitness centers, hospitals, and other similar locations. It comes with the rehab resistance, performance resistance, and two advanced resistance bungees. Custom engraving, color, and optional customization are available.