lower leg training benefitsWhile there are advantages associated with just about any type of exercise, there are some pretty special benefits that can be achieved with lower leg training. In particular, the performance of resistance dorsiflexion exercise. It plays a significant role in performance for everyone from youthful athletes to active seniors. However, thanks to the ShinTekk strength training tool, you don’t need to dedicate an hour or even a half-hour to “leg day” to reap the benefits of this essential exercise that focuses strictly on the lower legs.

What is Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise?

This particular type of lower leg training is a proven physical therapy technique that is designed to engage every single muscle, tendon, and ligament area of the lower legs. When done properly, resistance dorsiflexion exercise can boost performance, help athletes to overcome biomechanical imbalances during bodyweight or strength training exercise regimens, and even prevent lower leg injuries from occurring. Lower leg injuries, including shin splints, ankle sprains, calf strains, and knee strains, can sideline an athlete for weeks at a time and can be extremely painful and debilitating. Even if you are not a professional athlete, just imagine how your life might change if you were suffering from a lower leg injury.

ShinTekk is the only strength training tool that targets the lower legs through the use of resistance dorsiflexion exercise. It is the must-have training tool for any athlete, cyclist, dancer, runner, fitness enthusiast, or active consumer who relies on their legs to perform. Building strength in the lower leg area is also essential for anyone over 50 years of age. As we get older, we start to lose muscle mass, which makes us more prone to injury. Using the ShinTekk device on a daily basis won’t just prevent lower leg injuries, but will help you to remain active for many more years to come. The best part is that ShinTekk is safe and easy to use for just about anyone and, thanks to the ShinTekk backpack, it is portable and simple to take with you anywhere you might go.

Other Benefits of Lower Leg Training

In addition to working to prevent lower leg injuries, the resistance dorsiflexion exercise achieved through the use of the ShinTekk strength training tool offers other advantages. Lower leg training will help you to have a stronger back and core, providing the stability that you need for running, jogging, or even walking. A long day at the local amusement park or vacation trek through the mountains does not have to leave you weak and in pain for days after your adventure. Prepare for all sorts of workouts and activities with the ShinTekk device. Strong lower legs can also be beneficial for other sports, including cycling, swimming, dancing, and cross-training.

Strong leg muscles can also help you to lose weight. Your leg muscles are some of the most prominent muscle groups in the body. The more you train them, the more energy will be needed to move them, which means that even walking the dog or going on a quick bike ride will burn more calories than it did before you used this strength training tool. Combine the benefits of resistance dorsiflexion exercise with a couple of well-planned “leg day” exercise routines, and you could gain other benefits, including cardio and afterburn effects that are great for further increasing strength, agility, and weight loss. Learn to prevent lower leg injuries in just minutes a day by using the ShinTekk strength training tool and take your athletic abilities to a whole new level with a custom exercise program.

How to Use the ShinTekk Device

The instructions on how to use the ShinTekk device are simple. All you need to do is slide your foot under the U-bar and lift your toes upward at the ankle while keeping your heel planted firmly on the base. Each strength training tool pack includes a recommended workout regimen, providing the means to increase resistance by moving up to the next level of bungees to boost your training program. Use ShinTekk at home, the office, the gym, or on the road. Choose the Performance Pack, which includes the ShinTekk backpack or purchase the backpack separately to take it everywhere you go.

You can wear running shoes, formal shoes, work shoes, or just socks – the ShinTekk device is extremely flexible, portable, and easy to use, yet provides visible results in just a few minutes each day. Use your strength training tool to prevent lower leg injuries, increase performance, recover from injuries, or simply take your agility and strength to the next level. Just a few minutes each day can help to increase prevention of shin splints, ankle sprains, knee strains, and other lower leg injuries. Are you interested in learning more? Visit our online store or check us out on Facebook and Twitter to read real stories of athletes and everyday people who have benefited from the resistance dorsiflexion exercise of this revolutionary strength training tool.