How to Improve Lower Leg Strength & Prevent Lower Leg Injuries

prevent lower leg injuriesRunners and other athletes require a lot from their legs to perform. As a result, they need to invest in lower leg training and shin strengthening exercises to boost performance. Another benefit associated with working to improve lower leg strength is to prevent lower leg injuries. Shin splints, sprains, strains, tendinitis, and stress fractures are just some of the common injuries experienced by daily runners and other athletes who depend on their legs. Cyclists, soccer players, dancers, hikers, and fitness enthusiasts are just some of the other groups who are impacted by lower leg injuries. One of the best exercises to do is resisted dorsiflexion exercise. To ensure that you perform it properly and maximize the benefits, today’s athletes can take advantage of ShinTekk.

What is ShinTekk?

While there are lots of training tools and programs out there that promise to improve lower leg strength and prevent common runner injuries, ShinTekk is the only strength training and rehabilitation device that specifically targets the lower legs. ShinTekk incorporates the proven physical therapy technique of resisted dorsiflexion exercise to engage every single muscle, tendon, and ligament group in the lower legs. Regular use in lower leg training will help to boost performance, prevent injury, help to recover faster from lower leg injuries, and overcome biomechanical imbalances caused by focusing too much strength training on other areas of the body. If you want to avoid sidelining injuries, the shin strengthening exercises available with ShinTekk can help you achieve your goal.

If you are a runner, cyclist, dancer, weekend, or professional athlete, you need ShinTekk to improve lower leg strength. Strength building is also recommended for individuals over 50 years of age to prevent loss of muscle mass and prevent dangerous age-related injuries. It can be used by men and women, people of any age, and athletes of any level of ability to keep muscles strong and protect against strains, sprains, and breaks. The patented design of the ShinTekk device works to rapidly build strength in every muscle group from the ankle to the knee, boosting flexibility and circulation throughout the legs to improve power and agility for more balanced performance.

Using the ShinTekk Device

Fun and easy to use, the exercises can be performed just about anywhere and using any type of footwear or socks. It can be used either standing up or sitting down. The ShinTekk backpack can be used to take it with you anywhere, to the office, the gym, or even while traveling. Simply slide your foot underneath the U-bar and lift your toes upward at the ankle. Your heel should be planted firmly on the base. You can easily build strength with the lower leg training exercises that come with the ShinTekk as a part of your regular workout regimen. Switch out the resistance bungees when you are ready to progress to the next level to further improve lower leg strength.

In just a few minutes each day, you can boost your performance with these shin strengthening exercises and know that you are doing the proven resisted dorsiflexion exercise properly for best results. This is a great way to prevent future injuries or build strength after recovery from a leg strain, sprain, shin splints, or other lower leg injury. Anyone who relies on their lower legs for exercise or athletic performance knows that injuries can mean weeks or months out of the game as your body heals. Shin splints can take a long time to heal, and any exercises or lower leg training after this type of injury should only be done under the direction of a medical practitioner or physical therapist. Common treatments for shin splints include ice, rest, and a switch to appropriate footwear or arch supports. Physical therapy may also be prescribed along with specific exercises for lower leg training.

An Ounce of Prevention

The best way to treat lower leg injuries is by preventing them from ever happening in the first place. The shin strengthening exercises of the ShinTekk device can help athletes of all levels of physical ability to improve lower leg strength and prevent serious injuries from occurring. Resisted dorsiflexion exercise targets the entire lower leg region, including all muscles, tendons, and ligaments for well-rounded and balanced results. Improving flexibility and circulation are positive side-effects of this type of exercise, which can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts to perform better and avoid other day-to-day types of injuries.

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