resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splintsIf you have suffered a lower leg injury, such as shin splints, and are considering resistance dorsiflexion exercise to help with your rehabilitation, the ShinTekk device can help. This proven physical therapy technique will not just help to rehabilitate shin splints and aid in shin splints recovery, but it can also help to strengthen your lower legs to prevent future injuries from occurring. The best recovery exercise for shin splints is the one that is recommended by your physician or physical therapist. If you want to speed things up, make sure to consult with a licensed professional before starting a new exercise regimen. While resistance dorsiflexion exercise is a proven method for treating shin splints, each individual may be at a different stage of recovery and should get a doctor’s approval before doing anything new.

What is Dorsiflexion?

When you walk, run, or jog, you use dorsiflexion to help you move. Dorsiflexion occurs during the middle of your stride before your foot pushes off the ground. This is the point when your foot will reach the end range of its dorsiflexion ability. If you have poor dorsiflexion, there are a couple of things that could be causing it. The normal range for healthy dorsiflexion should be between ten and thirty degrees. The muscles used for dorsiflexion are located in the front part of the foot, and several tendons that pass through the front of the foot and into the ankle joint are responsible for this action as well.

In addition to injuries like shin splints, ankle strains, and sprains, there are other things that can cause poor dorsiflexion in individuals. Genetics can play a role, as well as scar tissue in the joints, a flexibility defect caused by tight muscles, or a past injury that did not heal properly. Even issues with other parts of the body, such as the lower back and hips, can change the degree of a person’s dorsiflexion. However, it works both ways; dorsiflexion issues can ultimately carry up through the body, resulting in injuries from the knee up to the shoulder. If you suspect that you have poor dorsiflexion, consider a consultation with a physician or a physical therapist to measure the function. Exercise can make a big difference.

What the ShinTekk Device Does

One of the challenges associated with performing resistance dorsiflexion exercise is doing it properly. While there are lots of exercises out there that can target this area, getting your foot into the proper position can be difficult. Whether your goal is shin splints recovery or lower leg injury prevention, you can successfully perform resistance dorsiflexion exercise with the ShinTekk device. This patented training device will help to rehabilitate shin splints, strengthen the lower legs, increase power and performance while improving circulation and dorsiflexion in just minutes each day.

ShinTekk is a must-have training tool for any athlete, whether you are a weekend jogger or a full-time professional. If you rely on your legs to perform or stay active throughout your daily routine, this proven recovery exercise for shin splints can help. Get back on track after a sidelining injury with resistance dorsiflexion exercise. Simply slide your foot under the U-bar and lift your toes at the ankle with your heel remaining firmly planted on the base of the device. You can easily build strength and work all of the muscle, ligament, and tendon groups in the lower leg at home, the office, the gym, or on the road. The ShinTekk device is lightweight, easy to carry in a backpack, and can go wherever you need to go.

Who Uses the ShinTekk Device?

You might be surprised to discover how many professionals use and recommend this resistance dorsiflexion exercise device. Professional and certified athletic trainers, coaches, physical therapists, medical clinicians, fitness instructors, and health and wellness experts use it themselves and incorporate ShinTekk into their training and rehabilitation routines to improve lower leg strength. Athletic trainers from all the major sports franchises, including the NBA, NFL, and NHL, are using ShinTekk for their players to ensure that their training is not interrupted by injury. This proven recovery exercise for shin splints will help anyone to reach their peak performance and help to prevent certain injuries and problems from recurring.

ShinTekk is recommended by professional athletes, marathon runners, and leading coaches, trainers, and clinicians to relieve the pain and soreness associated with shin splints. If you are ready to rehabilitate shin splints and get back into the action through the power of resistance dorsiflexion exercise, click here to place your order. Choose from the ShinTekk Starter Pack, Therapy-Pro Pack, Performance Pack, or the Aluminum premium model, depending on your needs. We offer FREE shipping on all orders and even have discounts for purchasing multiple devices. Continue browsing our website to watch videos, read expert testimonies, and see quotes from real athletes and trainers who have successfully used the ShinTekk device.