dorsiflexion exercise to recover from shin splintsWhile not very well-known among runners and other athletes who rely on their lower legs to perform, resisted dorsiflexion exercise is a proven physical therapy technique that has many benefits. Not only can it help you to increase performance by boosting lower leg strength, but when done properly, it can even help you to recover from lower leg injuries and rehabilitate shin splints. Anyone who has experienced this type of injury knows that shin splints recovery can sideline you for many weeks. If you want to get healthy and back in the game, speak with your physician about the ShinTekk device.

What is ShinTekk?

Proper performance of resisted dorsiflexion exercise is the key to maximizing its positive effects. ShinTekk is the only strength training and rehabilitation device that specifically targets the lower legs. It incorporates the proven physical therapy technique of resisted dorsiflexion exercise to properly engage every single muscle, tendon, and ligament area of the lower legs. The benefits of using the ShinTekk device include increased agility and power, balanced performance, and even shin splints recovery. Whether your goal is to rehabilitate shin splints, speed up shin splints recovery, or prevent lower leg injuries from happening in the first place, this patented tool can help you do it right.

Used by athletes of all types and levels of experience, even professional trainers, coaches, therapists, health and wellness experts, and medical clinicians are using ShinTekk for themselves and recommend it to their clients. Athletic trainers from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and other sports franchises are already using ShinTekk for their players to ensure peak performance and prevent sidelining injuries.

Fun and easy to use, ShinTekk is an excellent tool for shin splints recovery and to recover from lower leg injuries. The shin strengthening exercises can be performed either standing up or sitting down, depending on your needs. All you need to do is slide your foot under the U-bar and lift your toes upward at the ankle. Keep your heel planted firmly on the base. Speak with your physical therapist or medical clinician before starting any exercise to recover from lower leg injuries. You don’t want to start too soon and delay your shin splints recovery even longer. Once you are cleared for resisted dorsiflexion exercise, just a few minutes of work each day can help to improve your condition and increase prevention for future injuries.

What is Resisted Dorsiflexion Exercise?

Dorsiflexion is the movement that is made at the ankle joint as the toes are pulled back toward the shin. This works to decrease the angle between the dorsum of the foot and the leg. Physical therapists and trainers concur that athletes should work to have at least a 15 degree of dorsiflexion to be considered within normal limits. This technique can not only help to rehabilitate shin splints for those who are unlucky enough to experience them, but also assist in preventing them from occurring in the future. ShinTekk works by engaging all of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the lower legs to improve dorsiflexion, which can make a significant impact on running and other activities that rely on the lower legs.

When you have achieved proper dorsiflexion, your foot strike when running will be corrected, which aids considerably in preventing further injuries. Shin splints recovery can take many weeks or months, depending on the degree of injury. Resisted dorsiflexion exercise through the use of the ShinTekk device can help to overcome common issues that contribute to lower leg injuries. Some causes include a change in running surfaces, rapid increase in duration, type, and length of exercise, improper footwear, and body imbalance issues due to not properly training the lower legs. Some sports that can benefit from this type of exercise include football, basketball, baseball, hockey, running, jogging, and cycling. Regular use of the ShinTekk device can help you to run, kick, jump, and push harder, faster, and longer than you could – even before your injury.

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