prevent shin splints for runnersStudies reveal that new runners are more likely to suffer from shin splints and other lower leg injuries than more experienced runners. In fact, one research study that involved over 900 brand new runners showed that nearly 30 percent were injured within their first year in the sport. The most common injury? You guessed it: shin splints. ShinTekk advocates the use of resisted dorsiflexion exercise, a proven preventive and rehabilitative physical therapy technique. Through the use of our patented device, you can use this beneficial shin splints prevention technique to reduce your chances of suffering from sidelining injuries. Being able to prevent shin splints is an advantage for new runners, providing them with a unique opportunity to enjoy running without the fear of injury.

Common Lower Leg Injuries for Runners

According to the research study and most medical journals, the top type of lower leg injury that affects runners is medial tibial stress syndrome, otherwise known as shin splints. Shin strengthening exercises can be helpful to prevent this type of injury, in particular, resisted dorsiflexion exercise with the ShinTekk device, but there are other things that can be done as well. There are other causes of lower leg injuries, which include increasing the distance, duration, pace, or frequency of running too fast before the individual’s body is ready. Perhaps this is why new runners are affected even more than seasoned runners, as they often push themselves to go faster, further, and longer without understanding the risks.

The other common lower leg injuries for runners include:

  • patellofemoral pain (runner’s knee)
  • meniscus injury
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • soleus injury
  • stress fractures

Who is Most at Risk?

When you consider the different types of runners in the world, it can at first seem difficult to pinpoint which demographic is the most at risk for developing shin splints and other lower leg injuries. However, anyone who starts running for the first time, starts running again after a long time away from running, or desires to increase their running time, distance, speed, or duration without working themselves up to that pace, has just expanded their risk for injury. Shin strengthening exercises, in particular, resisted dorsiflexion exercise with the ShinTekk device, can be used to prevent shin splints. Building up the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the lower legs is an excellent way to increase stamina, strength, and agility for just about anyone who uses it according to the guidelines and exercises provided by ShinTekk.

However, in addition to this shin splints prevention technique, it is a good idea to pace yourself and prevent injuries simply by gradually building up your running time, distance, speed, and duration. Not only will this ultimately help you to be stronger and perform better, but it will also protect your legs and help you to avoid a sidelining injury. Runners should not be afraid of shin splints, but they should be mindful about how proper strength-training preparation, pre-run stretching, and strategic pacing is essential to prevent injuries. Also, be aware of the surface that you are running on every day. A sudden change of surface, such as switching from beach running to concrete running or concrete running to hard-packed dirt running, can also result in an injury.

Why Use the ShinTekk Device?

If you are one of those people who is always looking for a way to increase your access to shin strengthening exercises to prevent shin splints and other lower leg injuries, you should consider using the ShinTekk device. It is the only strength training and rehabilitation device that targets the lower legs, incorporating the proven physical therapy technique of resisted dorsiflexion exercise. ShinTekk engages every muscle, tendon, and ligament of the lower legs to boost performance, prevent lower leg injuries, and even increase stamina. Used by runners, dancers, cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, and even professional athletes, ShinTekk works to improve flexibility and circulation throughout the lower legs for balanced performance.

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