Recover from Lower Leg InjuriesIf you are suffering from lower leg injuries, including sprains, strains, and shin splints, you know how painful it can be and how long the road to recovery can feel. However, there are things that you can safely do to help get yourself back in action a lot faster. Consult with your physician or physical therapist before trying anything new if you are still healing, but the more you can do on your own to take care of your body, the better it will be. These tips begin at the point of injury and will take you on and into recovery. The best shin splints treatment starts with you not giving up or overdoing it. It involves careful resistance dorsiflexion exercise for lower leg strength training and following your doctor’s orders if you want to truly recover from lower leg injuries.

Step One: Immediately After the Injury

Until you can get a complete diagnosis from a professional, your best bet is to ICE the injury. Start by applying ice for just 10 minutes. Take a 10-minute break and then ice it again for another ten minutes. Prevent ice-related injuries to your skin by using a thin towel between the ice and your skin. If you are unable to get to a doctor right away, keep using the ice three times each day for the first 72 hours. The chances are good that your doctor will recommend the same treatment after you get checked out, so you might as well get started now.

Step Two: See a Physical Therapist

After seeing the doctor and providing immediate care for your injury, you should get a referral to a reputable physical therapist who can provide you with a comprehensive assessment, so you’ll know when it’s okay to get back into your sport or activity. Re-injuring your lower legs will only keep you out of the action even longer. Without the support, advice, and information available from a professional physical therapist, you could aggravate the injury and cause it to take even longer to heal fully. Your physical therapist will tell you when you are cleared to perform lower leg strength training to help recover from lower leg injuries.

Step Three: Get the ShinTekk Device

While you are waiting for clearance, go ahead and place your ORDER for the ShinTekk device so you can take advantage of resistance dorsiflexion exercise to get the best shin splints treatment available. In addition to shin splints, athletes, trainers, and individuals have used this device to recover from lower leg injuries that include strains, sprains, and other muscular or soft-tissue injuries. Lower leg strength training will not only help you bounce back from your injury, but it can help to reduce scar tissue buildup while promoting muscle strength during the healing process. Many physical therapists and medical clinicians use the ShinTekk device with their patients to help them recover from lower leg injuries, and aid in long-term benefits after the healing process is over.

What Does ShinTekk Do?

This device was designed specifically to provide the user with the perfect application of resistance dorsiflexion exercise, which is a proven physical therapy technique that is used to incorporate and engage every single muscle, tendon, and ligament group within the lower legs. Not only is this the best shin splints treatment and method to recover from lower leg injuries, but it is also a preventive tool that can help to increase strength, power, and balance for the user. It is a must-have device for anyone from professional athletes, runners, cyclists, dancers, fitness enthusiasts, and active consumers. Whatever you do, ShinTekk can help you to do it better. Lower leg strength training is essential for just about every activity, so why not incorporate it into your physical fitness routine as a preventive measure?

The ShinTekk device is already being used by athletes and athletic trainers in the NBA, NFL, and NHL, as well as other professional sports franchises. It offers a clear edge to athletes, providing them with increased strength, power, and agility to help them perform at their very best. When injuries do occur, the resistance dorsiflexion exercise is a safe, yet powerful exercise that can be used for recovery from lower leg injuries of all types. Strains, sprains, and the dreaded shin splints can all be improved through the use of the ShinTekk device. Choose from three rehab bungees to help build strength, while protecting your injury safely as you build strength and work to prevent injuries from recurring. When you buy the ShinTekk Performance Pack, you will also get a foam roller that can be used to work out your tired muscles after exercise.

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