Increase Lower Leg Strength to Prevent InjuriesPerforming physical activities outdoors in the winter months can be a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Unfortunately, the cold temperatures and slick surfaces can also cause athletes and fitness enthusiasts to experience more injuries. Shin splints prevention through the performance of resistance dorsiflexion exercise can help to increase lower leg strength, improve balance and flexibility, and even help prevent shin splints and other lower leg injuries. Also, there are other tips that you should consider that could contribute to minimize your risk of experience an injury while enjoying outdoor winter sports and activities.

Warm Up Before Going Out Into the Cold

Spend some time doing a quick warm up before going outdoors to exercise – even if you’re just planning on shoveling some snow. Begin with a series of light exercises and stretches to get your body ready for movement. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds for maximum effect. Consider boosting lower leg strength by using your ShinTekk device before doing exercise of any kind. The resistance dorsiflexion exercise that is performed by this patented device assures you that you are doing it correctly for shin splints prevention and prevention of other sidelining lower leg injuries.

Wear several layers of light and loose clothing that can be removed or added quickly to adjust to the needs of your body temperature changes. Carefully consider footwear depending on the activity, including shoes or boots with good treads for better traction in winter weather. This will help prevent slipping, which can cause a whole host of other winter injuries. If you do feel yourself begin to slip and fall, try to navigate your body to land on your buttocks or side, rolling naturally and allowing your head to turn in the direction of the roll to prevent neck injuries. Pace yourself, taking frequent water breaks and stopping to stretch the major muscle groups to keep them warmed up and flexible throughout your activity.

Have a Winter Exercise Plan

Don’t just put on your shoes and start jogging in a new area without taking the time to make a plan. Become familiar with the area, checking out things like trees, rocks, open water areas, and slick ice patches so you can avoid them while running. If you are going to hit the trails, stay on marked trails and avoid steep hills in winter weather. Some slippery surfaces can be hidden or difficult to see, resulting in falls or sudden jarring movements that can cause injuries. Taking time to increase lower leg strength with resistance dorsiflexion exercise from the ShinTekk device can be helpful, but the more you can plan for your outdoor exercise regimen, the safer you will be across the board.

Cold weather will cause your muscles to lose heat and contract. This can lead to tightness throughout the body. Warming up helps to raise your core temperature to ensure that oxygen and blood are flowing effectively throughout the body even in winter weather. Daily exercise is beneficial to increase lower leg strength and boost performance, whether you are a casual fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete. Cold weather can increase chances of developing strains and sprains, regardless of your overall health condition. Even individuals who are free from arthritis can experience cold weather-related pains and tightness due to the season, especially if they do not properly warm up first before exercising.

Who Should Use the ShinTekk Device?

Increase lower leg strength year-round to boost performance and prevent shin splints with the ShinTekk device. Anyone can benefit from the proven shin splints prevention found in resistance dorsiflexion exercise, which is provided through the use of this patented tool. Athletes from all backgrounds and levels of experience, including club, high school, college, professional, Olympian, and amateur can all boost their game performance with the ShinTekk device. Trainers and coaches are getting on board with the ShinTekk device to boost lower leg strength, increase agility, boost, flexibility and prevent sidelining injuries.

Therapists and medical clinicians are even recommending this device because it assures proper performance of resistance dorsiflexion exercise to aid in healing and prevention of lower leg injuries. Runners and cyclists can benefit from increased lower leg strength that comes from using the ShinTekk device, helping to increase their speed and time to enhance peak performance. Dancers who want to improve agility and flexibility can genuinely benefit from the advantage that comes from the regular performance of these exercises. Fitness instructors who teach yoga, Pilates, dance, and other fitness programs that rely on the lower legs can incorporate the use of the ShinTekk device to prevent shin splints and other lower leg injuries.

Interested in learning more about the ShinTekk device? Watch our online videos to see and hear testimony from professional trainers, coaches, and athletes from many different backgrounds and sports. Don’t just take our word for it – the ShinTekk device is an excellent way to prevent shin splints and boost lower leg strength to increase performance for anyone who relies on their legs for sports or other activities in the winter and any other season.