Shin Strengthening Exercise to Heal Shin SplintsIf you have been diagnosed with shin splints or any other type of lower leg injury, it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations. In most situations, you will be told to rest your body and allow it to heal. Shins can be iced to ease the pain and swelling, and anti-inflammatory painkillers can be used as needed. Depending on the severity of the injury, healing can take weeks or months. However, as soon as your doctor gives you the all-clear to start doing shin strengthening exercise to help get you back on track, you can begin at-home shin splints treatment with the resisted dorsiflexion exercise provided by the ShinTekk device.

What Does ShinTekk Do?

Unlike other exercises, which can be difficult to perform correctly for maximum effect, the ShinTekk device rapidly improves lower leg strength, agility, and flexibility, to help get you back in action as soon as possible. Professional athletes, sports and fitness enthusiasts, and weekend joggers can all get back to the activities that they love and heal shin splints faster when they use the shin strengthening exercise available with the ShinTekk device. A revolutionary strength training tool that targets the lower leg, this patented design works to quickly rehabilitate and prevent shin splints for runners, cyclists, dancers, and active professionals.

ShinTekk is the only device designed to specifically target the lower legs using the proven physical therapy technique of resisted dorsiflexion exercise. It targets every single muscle, tendon and ligament area within the lower legs to help heal lower leg injuries, boost performance, and prevent future issues, including shin splints, ankle sprains, knee strains, and calf strains. ShinTekk can even be used to prevent biomechanical imbalances in the body, improving muscle strength, flexibility, circulation, and more balanced performance. It can even build strength in anyone over the age of 50, keeping muscles strong and protected against strains, sprains, and breaks.

Who Uses ShinTekk?

Athletes of all types use the ShinTekk device to heal shin splints and prevent future injuries. It is the number one shin splints treatment recommended by professional and certified athletic trainers, coaches, and fitness instructors to get their clients back in action. In addition, physical therapists, medical clinicians, and health and wellness professionals are recommending it to their patients to use the shin strengthening exercise of resisted dorsiflexion exercise for training and rehabilitation to improve lower leg strength.

Athletic trainers from major sports franchises in the NBA, NFL, and NHL are using the ShinTekk device and are incorporating it into their training regimens. They have discovered that not only does it help to heal shin splints and other lower leg injuries, but it is also an effective shin splints treatment that can help to protect from future injuries and increase performance. Choose from several different options to best meet your needs, including the ShinTekk Therapy-Pro Pack, which includes three rehab bungees to build strength and three performance bungees to continue building strength to prevent problems from recurring.

Why Choose ShinTekk?

Unlike other exercises that you will see online that require specific placement of the body to achieve proper resisted dorsiflexion exercise, the ShinTekk device assures proper performance of this shin strengthening exercise every time for maximum results. The rehab bungees are designed to protect injuries safely while building strength so you can run, jump, kick, and push harder, faster, and longer than ever before. ShinTekk accelerates rehabilitation efforts to heal shin splints while building muscle strength in the injured area. The increased flexibility that comes from using this shin splints treatment also prevents other injuries from recurring.

A variety of different price points are available starting at just $69.96 for the ShinTekk Starter Pack, and FREE shipping is always available on every ShinTekk device. Additional options are available, which include additional items that can be used to help heal shin splints, including additional bungees, the ShinTekk backpack, foam rollers and even our aluminum version of the ShinTekk device for professional training. Fun and easy to use, you can use your new ShinTekk device standing or sitting at home, the office, the gym, while traveling, and anywhere you have time to perform this essential shin strengthening exercise. Visit our ONLINE SHOP to see all of the options available for shin splints treatment and prevention with the ShinTekk device.