ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Lower Leg Training Shin Strengthening Exercises for Athletes

Lower Leg Training and Strengthening Exercises for PreventionMany different types of athletes rely heavily on their legs to be successful in their sport. Football players, dancers, hockey players, cyclists, runners, baseball players, joggers, tennis players, and basketball players are just some of the individuals who should be interested in lower leg training. Shin strengthening exercises can be used to prevent or stop shin splints, as well as to provide the athlete with a competitive edge. Until now, athletes would need to spend hours doing repetitive training exercises for shin splints prevention. However, the ShinTekk device is a first of its kind strength training tool that provides accurate resisted dorsiflexion exercise to prevent lower leg injuries.

Revolutionary Strength Training Tool

The ShinTekk device works the lower legs like never before, providing shin splints prevention and protecting ankles, calves, and knees from exercise-induced strains. Many athletes make the dangerous mistake of focusing too much strength training on specific regions of the body while ignoring others. This practice can lead to sidelining injuries. Lower leg training is important for many different types of sports. Resisted dorsiflexion exercise engages every muscle, tendon, and ligament within the lower legs. It prevents biomechanical imbalances by providing athletes with the opportunity to perform meaningful shin strengthening exercises designed to prevent career-ending injuries.

If you search online for shin splints prevention or recovery, you will find a lot of exercises that claim to provide everything you need for lower leg training. But the truth is that unless you have the right amount of resistance and your leg is positioned in the right way; you might be doing all of these “at home” exercises for nothing. ShinTekk is perfect for amateurs and professionals because the patented design works to rapidly build strength in every muscle group from the ankle to the knee. These shin strengthening exercises work to improve flexibility and circulation throughout the entire leg, providing users of ShinTekk with more power, agility and more balanced performance.

Patented Device for Lower Leg Training

Even if you are not an athlete, experts are recommending the use of ShinTekk’s shin strengthening exercises for just a few minutes each day. In fact, studies have shown that building strength in the lower leg is extremely important for anyone over the age of 50. As we age, we start to lose muscle mass, which makes us more prone to injuries. Using a device like ShinTekk on a daily basis can help to keep muscles strong, protecting against sprains, strains, and breaks. It is a “must have” tool for any weekend athlete, fitness enthusiast, active consumer, or professional athlete who relies on their legs for performance.

Fun and simple to set-up at your home, office or gym, ShinTekk can be used either sitting down or standing up. All you need to do is slide your foot underneath the U-bar and lift your toes up at the ankle. The heel should be kept firmly planted on the base. This provides the perfect positioning for lower leg training to stop shin splints and increase strength. You can increase power with the ShinTekk recommended workout regimens that are included with each purchase. You can also switch out the resistance bungees as you advance to the next level to further progress your training program. No special footwear is needed. You can do the exercises wearing running shoes, business dress shoes, or just in socks. Include the ShinTekk BackPack so you can take it on the road with you wherever you go.

Stop Shin Splints and Other Lower Leg Injuries

Because the ShinTekk device effectively works the entire lower leg, it can be used to provide lower leg training and strengthening to prevent a whole list of lower leg injuries in addition to shin splints prevention. Knee, ankle, and shin injuries and common issues can be avoided with the shin strengthening exercises performed with this strength training tool. Visit our website for videos of the ShinTekk device in action and read reviews from real life professionals and users of ShinTekk to see how it has changed the way they work out and perform in sports.

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