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Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise for Shin Splints Prevention

resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splints preventionProfessional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and weekend warriors all have one thing in common. Many do not take the time to strengthen the front of their shins to prevent lower leg injuries. Shin splints prevention is important for many different types of sports and fitness programs. While there are many different types of exercises that coaches, trainers, and therapists will use to provide options to avoid common injuries, the best exercises involve resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splints prevention.

What is Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise?

ShinTekk incorporates a proven physical therapy technique known as resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splints prevention. Resistance dorsiflexion exercise engages every muscle, tendon, and ligament area of the lower legs to boost performance and prevent lower leg injuries. Some of the common lower leg injuries experienced by professional and amateur athlete include shin splints, ankle sprains, knee strains, and calf sprains. When people who exercise or perform in sports regularly ignore such an essential group of muscles for strength training, biomechanical imbalances can occur. Shin strengthening exercises can help to balance out training and prevent sidelining injuries altogether.

Some of the exercises that trainers have their clients do for shin splints prevention include seated ankle dorsiflexion and rope calf stretch, which uses a resistance band, towel or rope to provide the required resistance. Other exercises include a bent knee ankle dorsiflexion and calf stretch, and a standing ankle dorsiflexion stretch. Some physical therapists and coaches will have athletes perform wall toe raises, wall calf stretches, bent knee calf wall stretches, foot pumps and heel walks. It can take multiple sets of each exercise to be performed at least three times each day to build up the lower legs enough to increase performance and prevent lower leg injuries. The ShinTekk device rapidly builds strength in a fraction of time, working to improve flexibility and circulation to increase agility and power for more balanced performance.

Why Choose ShinTekk?

According to all of the coaches, trainers, physical therapists, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and active consumers who have used the ShinTekk device, this is a must-have training tool for anyone who relies on their legs to perform. The patented design of ShinTekk helps to quickly build strength in every muscle group from the ankle to the knee. This activity works to prevent lower leg injuries. Resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splints prevention is becoming more popular throughout the athletic industries. Building strength in the lower leg area is essential to athletes and anyone over the age of 50, to increase muscle mass and reduce injuries. ShinTekk is designed to keep muscles strong and help to prevent against strains, sprains, and breaks.

Instead of having to learn and repeat several different shin strengthening exercises, the ShinTekk device helps people to perform resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splints prevention in a simple, straight-forward way. The ShinTekk device can be used standing up or sitting down, depending on your needs. Just slide your foot underneath the U-bar and lift your toes up at the ankle while keeping your heel planted firmly on the base. Use the provided workout regimens that come with the ShinTekk device and change out your resistance bungees to go to the next level as you progress. Use any type of shoe or perform the exercises in your socks. The ShinTekk device is portable, making it easy to use at home, the office, the gym, or even on the road.

ShinTekk Product Spotlight

If portability is important to you, make sure to choose the ShinTekk Therapy-Pro Pack or purchase the ShinTekk backpack to take your ShinTekk device with you wherever you go. Our shin strengthening exercises only need to be performed for just a few minutes each day to get the results you need for shin splints prevention. Resistance dorsiflexion exercise for shin splints prevention is used by the world’s top trainers and rehabilitation experts both to prevent lower leg injuries and to help rehabilitate from them. Visit our website to view all of the options available for the ShinTekk device both for home users and professional athletes alike. There are several packs and options, depending on your needs.

If you would like to learn more about the ShinTekk device and the options available to prevent lower leg injuries, make sure to visit our How It Works page for everything you need to make an informed purchase. We now offer FREE SHIPPING on all ShinTekk devices on our website.