ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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How to Stop Painful Shin Splints in the Comfort of Your Home

stop painful shin splintsIf you have ever experienced shin splints or any other type of lower leg injury, you know how debilitating it can be. Regardless of the sport or activity that you participate in, the chances are good that you won’t be competing for a few weeks, even under a doctor’s care. Recovery exercise for shin splints can help you get back on track faster, but it has to be the right type of exercise. Home shin splints treatment is possible with the revolutionary ShinTekk strength training tool. The best way to stop painful shin splints is to follow your trainer, coach, physical therapist, or physician’s advice. However, when you are cleared for exercise, make sure you know all of your shin splints recovery options.

How Does It Work?

The ShinkTekk device works by targeting the lower leg through proven resisted dorsiflexion exercise. The patented design works to rapidly improve lower leg strength, flexibility, and agility. For athletes who are not suffering from shin splints, the ShinTekk device can be used to increase strength and prevent shin splints and other lower leg injuries from occurring. The ShinTekk Therapy-Pro Pack comes with the ShinTekk backpack, which can be used to easily transport it wherever you want to go. It includes a six-pack of resistance bungees in various sizes and degrees of resistance, a U-bar pad, and of course, the ShinTekk device. ShinTekk is safe to use for athletes of every type, age, and level of experience.

In fact, ShinTekk is the only strength training and rehabilitation device that specifically targets the lower legs. The recovery exercise for shin splints incorporates proven physical therapy techniques to engage every muscle, ligament, and tendon area in the lower legs. Shin splints, ankle sprains, knee strains, and calf strains can be a thing of the past when you ensure that you won’t suffer from a biomechanical imbalance by neglecting your lower legs. ShinTekk helps you ensure that you are getting the right amount of exercise for your lower legs to prevent injuries and help with home shin splints treatment.

Who Can Use ShinTekk?

While we offer both professional grade and personal use models of the ShinTekk device, athletes of all types of levels of experience can benefit from the shin splints recovery options and exercises it provides. This tool has been used by professional athletes, runners, cyclists, dancers, fitness enthusiasts, amateur sports participants, and weekend workout warriors alike to boost performance and prevent injury. Coaches, trainers, physical therapists, and other personal fitness instructors use the ShinTekk device to keep their clients, patients, and team members in great physical shape. They also use them as a treatment and recovery exercise for shin splints and other lower leg injuries.

Some of the people who buy and rave about ShinTekk include:

  • ATHLETES – professional, college, Olympic, and amateur athletes can all benefit from the ShinTekk device, as a preventive strength training tool and to stop painful shin splints and other lower leg injuries
  • TRAINERS & COACHES – boost your client’s performance, prevent sidelining injuries, and provide valuable shin splints recovery options to help get them back in the game faster than with other exercise regimens and activities
  • RUNNERS & CYCLISTS – increase stamina, strength, flexibility, and endurance with the ShinTekk device, preventing injuries and as a recovery exercise for shin splints and other painful lower leg injuries
  • THERAPISTS & CLINICIANS – accelerate rehabilitation and provide a home shin splints treatment to help get your clients and patients back in action, while helping them to increase strength to prevent future lower leg issues

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You don’t have to place a bulk order or buy the most expensive option, and you can get FREE shipping on any order, including the essential ShinTekk Starter Pack. It is the “must have” tool for any athlete, athletic trainer, or fitness enthusiast. While the ShinTekk device is highly recommended to prevent injuries from occurring, it is also an excellent tool to safely and rapidly stop painful shin splints and other lower leg injuries. Use it to ensure that you don’t have to stop training or suffer from recurring problems through the use of the resisted dorsiflexion recovery exercise for shin splints with the ShinTekk device.

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