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Shin Splints Treatment Options: How to Get Back into Training

Shin Splints TreatmentA diagnosis of shin splints can be devastating for many athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Not being able to get out and train or perform the activity that you enjoy is frustrating. However, there is hope for those who are suffering. ShinTekk is a revolutionary device that is designed to aid in shin splints recovery. Consult with your doctor for immediate shin splints treatment, but as soon as you are ready to start exercising to work the muscles and heal shin splints, you can start using ShinTekk. While there are several shin splints treatment options available, none of them work as effectively to rehabilitate shin splints and prevent further problems in the future like ShinTekk.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS)

The condition commonly known to athletes as shin splints is known medically as medial tibial stress syndrome or MTSS. This diagnosis refers to pain that is felt by the individual along the inner edge of the tibia in the leg. There are many issues that can lead to this condition, such as constant overuse due to running or performing specific exercises or from a sudden increase in activity. While there are lots of tips to prevent getting shin splints in the first place, once it happens you might feel stuck. This can be frustrating for professional athletes who need to get back in the game quickly, but it is equally disappointing for individuals who enjoy challenging themselves with regular physical activity.

While many will tell you that MTSS primarily occurs at the beginning of a fitness program, the truth is that athletes who have trained for many years can still suffer from shin splints if they are not careful. Ironically, the ShinTekk device that is used for shin splints treatment after the fact can also be used to prevent shin splints. This is why many trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and athletes are using the ShinTekk device for training and to help heal shin splints when they occur. Professional teams are ordering the device in bulk to help their athletes with shin splints treatment options and preventive training.

Other factors that can cause individuals to get shin splints include:

  • worn-out footwear or footwear that is improper for the activity
  • pronated arches or flat feet
  • muscular imbalances, such as tight calves or thighs
  • increasing exercise frequency, intensity, or time without easing into it
  • improper body alignment for the activity or movement
  • sudden change in training style or speed

A Doctor’s Care

It is important to be under a doctor’s care for shin splints treatment. If you truly want to rehabilitate shin splints and prevent it from recurring in the future, then you need professional guidance. When you purchase the ShinTekk device, exercises and tips are included to help you maximize the potential of the dorsiflexion resistance benefits that it provides. Professional athletes and individuals need to understand that shin splints can be a signal of overuse that could be a precursor to other painful lower leg injuries.

As soon as you are diagnosed, you will want to follow your doctor’s orders to heal shin splints safely and effectively. If the pain in your lower leg continues after shin splints treatment has been followed to the letter, it could be a sign of a stress fracture in the tibia. Your doctor may order an MRI or a bone scan to confirm this or rule it out completely. Once you are cleared for exercise to help build up the muscles and get you back into the action, you may begin working out with the ShinTekk device. It is designed to be used anytime or anywhere.

You don’t need special footwear and the exercise can be performed standing up or sitting down, whatever is more comfortable. Simply slide your foot under the U-bar and lift your toes upward at the ankle, keeping your heel firmly planted on the base. Visit our page for more details, videos, and guides to enhance your experience with ShinTekk.

Attention Professional Athletes & Trainers

ShinTekk can be found in training centers all across the country and is used by players and trainers in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and within other professional sports franchises. Certified athletic trainers, coaches, physical therapists, fitness instructors, medical clinicians, and health & wellness professionals are using ShinTekk for themselves and their clients. ShinTekk can be used to enhance recovery with shin splints treatment and is also used for prevention. Athletes who have suffered from MTSS and other lower leg injuries in the past can rehabilitate shin splints and prevent them from recurring in the future. Our ShinTekk Therapy-Pro Pack is designed for professional use and can be purchased at a bulk discount in our online store. Browse our website for testimonies from other professional trainers and athletes, and watch our videos to see the ShinTekk device in action.