ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Resistance Dorsiflexion: Stop Shin Splints & Lower Leg Injuries

Resistance Dorsiflexion ExerciseThere are a lot of how-to articles that talk about exercises that can be done to treat shin splints. However, there isn’t a lot that deals with lower leg training to stop shin splints and lower leg injuries from happening in the first place. Stretching and exercise, which includes resistance dorsiflexion exercises, are the two most essential elements in shin splints prevention. Not only will this help to prevent injury from occurring in runners and other sports-minded individuals, but it can also help to make you stronger for your sport.

ShinTekk Resistance Dorsiflexion Exercise

Professional athletes and individuals who are involved in regular exercise and sporting activities often fall victim to injuries like shin splints. ShinTekk is the only device that targets explicitly lower leg training and incorporates the proven physical therapy technique of resistance dorsiflexion exercise. This type of training works to engage every single muscle, tendon, and ligament area within the lower legs. It can help with shin splints prevention and provide focused lower leg training that will boost performance and prevent other types of lower leg injuries from occurring.

One of the advantages associated with using ShinTekk is that it helps to overcome biomechanical imbalances that occur in certain athletes. Basketball players, hockey players, football players, and runners are just some of the athletic individuals who can benefit from Shin Tekk. When too much strength training occurs only in some regions of the body, while ignoring other muscle groups altogether, it can lead to injuries that could take you out of practice for long periods of time. Instead of missing days, weeks, or even months of necessary training, ShinTekk helps you to stay balanced and keeps you in the game.

Who Uses ShinTekk?

Not sure if resistance dorsiflexion exercise is right for you? Consider who uses ShinTekk for regular training and shin splints prevention. It has become the “must have” training tool for any athlete, runner, or sports enthusiast who relies heavily on their legs to perform. Dancers, cyclists, fitness-focused individuals, runners, and professional sports figures rely on this device to rapidly build strength in every single muscle group from the ankle to the knee. It also helps to boost circulation and flexibility throughout the entire leg, which allows for increased power and agility for athletic performance.

Individuals who are over the age of 50 can also benefit from ShinTekk. It works to retain and strengthen muscle mass, which in turn helps to protect against strains, sprains, and stop shin splint. Whether you have had shin splints in the past, or if this if your first time experiencing this type of injury, this device can help. Fun and easy to use, these strengthening exercises can be done either standing up or sitting down. They can be done with any type of shoe and can be performed just about anywhere. If portability is important, take a look at the Performance Pack, which uses a backpack to keep everything together for use at work or out on the road.

Recommended Workout Regimens

When you purchase one of the ShinTekk options, you don’t just get a device and no instructions on how to use it effectively. Our recommended workout regimens help you to maximize lower leg training and dorsiflexion exercise to stop shin splints and strengthen your legs for better sports performance. You can also switch out the resistance bungees in the ShinTekk to take your workout to the next level. In just a few minutes each day, you will see a difference. Shin splints prevention doesn’t take a lot of effort with this device, but it does require regular use to maximize the results.

Purchased by individuals, as well as professional and certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, medical clinicians, and fitness instructors, the ShinTekk is growing in popularity. It is being incorporated into regular training, as well as rehabilitation regimens, to increase lower leg strength. Clients, patients, and players across many different professional sports use ShinTekk to reach their ultimate level of peak performance. It is fun and easy to use, providing individuals with excellent and consistent results for their efforts.

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