ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Shintekk Shin Splints Prevention: Increase Lower Leg Strength

Basketball Shin Splints PreventionThe term “shin splints” is used to describe a pain that a person feels along the front area of the lower legs. This type of pain concentrates on the area of the lower leg between the knee and the ankle. If you have ever had shin splints – you know it. Another term used by medical professionals is MTSS or medial tibial stress syndrome. Shin splints prevention is essential for athletic individuals who engage in moderate to heavy physical activity. Even those who don’t run marathons or participate in professional sports can benefit from learning how to prevent shin splints and increase lower leg strength. ShinTekk is a leg strength training tool that is used by athletes and recommended by physical therapists and trainers around the world.

Who is At-Risk?

It can be difficult to determine which individuals are most at-risk for developing shin splints. However, stop-start sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, and racquetball seem to have frequent issues with shin splints. Hiking, running, jogging, and even walking can also claim many cases of this painful and frustrating condition. In some cases, the pain associated with shin splints is so painful that the athlete must avoid the activity until it heals.

Shin splints prevention starts by understanding what causes it in the first place. It is known as a “cumulative stress disorder,” which means that the repeated stress on the bones, muscles, and joints is the root cause of the condition. Whenever repeated stress occurs, it makes it difficult for the body to repair and recover from exercise naturally. When an individual only uses certain muscles, it can cause a muscle imbalance in the body, which could also lead to other types of injuries.

Biomechanical Muscle Imbalances

The reason why a leg strength training tool like ShinTekk is so successful for shin splints prevention is that it can help to overcome biomechanical muscle imbalances. An imbalance can occur due to lack of use or underdevelopment of a specific muscle group. Correction of these imbalances can occur through strength and mobility exercises. It is possible to increase lower leg strength in your quest to learn how to prevent shin splints.

Regular practice and participation in a sport can cause even the most trained athletic body to adapt to repeated movements. Not only can this cause injury, but it can also impair performance. Each sport has its own type of muscle imbalance due to the motions and activities performed regularly. Cross-training can be a great way to ensure that all muscle groups get the attention that they need, but if your goal is shin splints prevention specifically, you need to focus on the lower legs.

Right and Left Dominance in Basketball

One example of a sport in which muscle imbalance can be an issue is basketball. A majority of this sport is played on one leg at a time. Trainers will tell you that most basketball players have a marked difference between their right and left legs. Most notably, there is more stability, strength, and power in the dominant leg. The activities involved in doing shooting and lay-ups can also affect this imbalance. Most players will favor shooting from the dominant side and jump off the dominant foot. Over time, this can lead to instances where the player is forced to use the weaker leg in a game, which can cause injuries.

Trainers and physical therapists recommend that players combat this imbalance by performing single-leg exercises during each workout. You could do a bunch of elevated split squats or single-leg Romanian deadlifts, but you can also increase lower leg strength with the ShinTekk leg strength training tool. The ShinTekk system is designed to rapidly improve lower leg strength, agility, and flexibility. It is a revolutionary leg strength training tool that targets the lower leg. The patented design can prevent or quickly rehabilitate shin splints, ankle sprains, and other common leg injuries.

Use ShinTekk for Shin Splints Prevention

Our mission is to increase awareness so the Shintekk system can be used to increase strength, flexibility, and agility for every active individual. It is our goal to get ShinTekk into the hands of physical therapists, trainers, and professional athletes to help improve performance without the fear of sidelining injuries. ShinTekk incorporates the proven physical therapy technique of resisted dorsiflexion exercise, which engages every muscle, tendon, and ligament area of the lower legs. If you want to know how to prevent shin splints and increase lower leg strength, you need the ShinTekk system.

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