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A Thank You Letter from One of Your Runner’s Shins

I don’t usually write notes like this. Mostly, I just do my job and the cheering of the crowd is all the thanks I need.

So, why am I writing this thank you letter to you (our athletic trainer) now? Because for the first time in a long time, I feel stronger than I ever have and that has led to the best track & field meet the team has ever had.

When we started the season, it was a big shock to my system, let me tell you! I went from serious couch time to pounding the track behind the high school. Daily! Trading those soft, fluffy cushions for the gritty dirt track and rough road pavement was a real slap in the… well… shin. Honestly, I didn’t know if I had enough in me to make it once around the whole track, much less through all the meets.

But, then something miraculous happened – the athletic trainer added a shiny strength training tool to the training regimen called ShinTekk. You knew I needed serious attention to endure the meets, especially if we wanted to make the finals, and you didn’t treat me as an afterthought. For the first time, I got focused attention with dorsiflexion movement and resistance bungees that built the muscles around me so they were strong and agile. I felt like I could run forever and beat any runner or competitor on the field!

It wasn’t until the first meet that I truly realized how this tool allowed me to train without disruptions and prepared me for sprinting fast out of the blocks and flying down the track past everyone. When the finish line was within my sights and I could push that much harder with those old cushion-loving legs, I realized I could win this race and every race. I no longer worry about the pain from shin splints or having to carry the load when the ankle or knee is injured – I just focus on the finish line and getting there first!

So from the bottom of my leg, thank you. I can’t wait for the next meet – maybe we will break the school record!

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