ShinTekk™ prevents painful shin splints

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Help Your Clients Reach Peak Performance by Strengthening their Weakest Link

Biomechanical Efficiencies can Boost Performance – Reach Peak Performance

We now know how essential strength training is for athletes, runners, or anyone that is active. Strong and balanced bodies are more efficient, able to push harder, to run faster, jump higher, and are less likely to suffer “breakdowns” like injuries and pain. Anyone who is active and uses their legs for play or work needs to build muscle strength in every part of their body – and particularly in the lower legs. This is crucial for runners, athletes of virtually every sport, and professionals with jobs in shipping, performing arts, and even astronauts!

Just as your team is only as good as the weakest player, your clients’ muscles also must be in sync. Your client will only be as strong as their weakest muscle group!

So, how do you ensure that your clients build ALL of their muscles for better balance and performance? You already know how to build strength in the hamstring, quad, mid-core, arm and shoulder areas, yet many trainers and coaches often miss strengthening a key muscle group – their clients’ lower legs, especially the tibia muscles because it is difficult to focus on those muscles. Sure, there is equipment like exercise bands or exercises like calf raises, but those only focus on one area of the lower leg and have inconsistent results. To help your clients reach their peak performance, you need to focus on anterior muscles of the lower leg from the knee to the ankle to build muscle and tendon strength and ligament flexibility for every jump, landing, sprint and abrupt stop they make. This is precisely why ShinTekk was created.

ShinTekk leverages the resisted dorsiflexion – the key to building a foundation so your clients can get the power they need to sprint, kick, jump, or run that much faster or harder. Click here to see how ShinTekk works.

Reach Peak Performance

Add ShinTekk to your training or rehab regimen for all of your clients and you will help them build strength, flexibility, and agility to the crucial lower leg muscle group and be assured that their ‘weakest link’ will become as strong as the rest of their muscle groups. And, just as important, ShinTekk will help prevent your clients from experiencing shin splints and other lower leg pain and injury.

ShinTekk works. But don’t just take our word for it – trainers, coaches and physical therapists are raving about ShinTekk:

From the Boston Celtics:

“I am extremely pleased with the results from ShinTekk. We’ve had great feedback from our players and I’m looking forward to a successful season with the knowledge that I’m doing what I can to prevent injuries.” – Bryan Doo, NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach

To the Toronto Raptors:

“We have been using ShinTekk as part of our pre-hab and activation routine on the road. This tool is great in activating the tibialis anterior and ankle joint. Our players love ShinTekk!” –Jon Lee, Strength and Conditioning Coach

And the Phoenix Suns:

“The guys love it, and it increases their willingness to complete the workout because they don’t have to sit down and find something to attach exercise bands – they can complete their workout with ShinTekk standing up anywhere for more effective results. Thank you ShinTekk!” – Mike Elliott, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Professional sports teams in the NBA including the Cleveland Cavaliers, NFL and MLB teams, women’s soccer teams including the Washington Spirit, and other top trainers, coaches and physical therapists already know how vital it is to build strength in every muscle group to ensure their clients or players reach their peak performance – and they are using ShinTekk to provide their clients with a competitive advantage.

Get the training regimen designed exclusively for ShinTekk by Bryan Doo, Boston Celtics’ Head Strength & Conditioning Coach!

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ShinTekk helps your clients achieve healthy body biomechanics. So, when you are looking to improve your clients’ performance time or shorten their injury recovery so they can get back to their training routine, consider strengthening their weakest link – the lower leg muscles – effectively and quickly. Regularly performing resisted dorsiflexion using ShinTekk’s patented design will not only improve your clients’ performance, it could get you more business as other athletes or runners seek trainers or coaches that can help them win the next game, competition, or race!

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