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Running Without Injuries Reviews ShinTekk

ShinTekk has been tested and proven by runners and athletes across the country, reporting great results achieved including better performance and the prevention of shin splints and lower leg injuries. Recently, Brian Goldman of Running Without Injuries, an avid runner and blogger, tested ShinTekk. Below is his story and his experience using ShinTekk.

In April of 2013 some friends from work started running and I decided to tag along. I never really enjoyed running, but had only run on treadmills in the past. My first run was as 3 mile struggle and I averaged around 12:30 minutes/mile, having to stop several times to catch my breath. Over the next few months I progressed and was running at an average pace of 9:30 minutes/mile. Unfortunately I started developing shin splints. Over the next year I dealt with one injury after another from IT Band issues, to tendonitis, to hip pain. I spent countless hours researching injury prevention and even went to a running coach to change my form. I ran my first half marathon on April 26, 2014 with an average pace of 9:12 minutes/mile.

I now love running and have a passion for helping other people get through their running pain so they too can enjoy running through my Running without Injuries Blog. Below is an excerpt from Brian’s review of ShinTekk:

I started using ShinTekk 3-4 days per week. I would do 3 sets of 15 reps with the yellow (6 lbs.) resistance band. After about 2 weeks, I went up to the red band (8 lbs.) resistance. I can see a difference in the amount strength in my lower legs as well as less fatigue during my runs. I am now using the ShinTekk every day and will continue this process for the next two months to see how well it does at fighting off injuries as I train for my 12-hour race in July.


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