Strengthen Your Lower Leg At Anytime

You are only as strong as your weakest muscles. It's time to strengthen your lower legs.

Say Good Bye To Shin Splints With ShinTekk

ShinTekk is a revolutionary strength training tool that helps prevent shin splints.

Don't Let Shin Splints Slow You Down

#1 preferred lower leg training & rehab tool by top trainers and physical therapists.

ShinTekk comes in four versions to stop shin splints

Starter Pack

ShinTekk is a patented strength training tool to start you on your way to stronger lower legs, leading to better performance and the prevention of shin splints.


Therapy-Pro Pack

ShinTekk Therapy-Pro Pack is the “must have” tool for every athletic trainer, coach, physical therapist, sports medicine clinician, fitness instructor, and other professionals...


Performance Pack

ShinTekk Performance Pack includes the full array of therapy to strength training Resistance Bungees, including three Rehab Resistance Bungees from...



ShinTekk Aluminum is made from high-grade industrial strength aircraft-grade billet aluminum and designed for multi-client or player use in training facilities...


Are you ready to get rid of your painful shin splints?

The ShinTekk system rapidly improves lower leg strength, agility, and flexibility.

ShinTekk is a revolutionary strength training tool targeting the lower leg. Its patented design rapidly improves lower leg strength, agility, and flexibility to optimize athletic performance and prevent or quickly rehabilitate shin splints, ankle sprains, and other leg injuries. Our vision is a world where every runner, athlete, cyclist, dancer, fitness enthusiast, and active professional can achieve their best performance without fear of sidelining injuries.

Proudly Designed and
Manufactured in the USA

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Who should use ShinTekk to stop shin splints?


No matter what sport you play, every professional, collegiate, Olympian, and amateur athlete can benefit from ShinTekk. Boost your game performance...

Trainers & Coaches

ShinTekk is a revolutionary training tool to build strength, agility, and flexibility in lower legs to boost your client’s performance and prevent sidelining injuries...

Runners & Cyclists

Want to shave time off your next race and reach your peak performance? ShinTekk is the only training tool that builds lower leg strength and flexibility for...

Therapists & Clinicians

ShinTekk is a valuable tool to accelerate rehabilitation so your clients can get back to doing what they love. Empower your clients to continue to build...


Lower leg strength, agility, and flexibility are critical for you. Ensure you don't miss a performance or game, and optimize your athletic abilities with ShinTekk.

Fitness Instructors

Whether you are teaching dance, yoga, or other fitness programs, adding ShinTekk to your client's regimen will help them reach their goals quickly without injury.

Recommended by professional athletes, marathon runners, and leading trainers, coaches, and clinicians to relieve shin splints

ShinTekk has been tested and endorsed by professional athletes and trainers for the NBA, NHL, and many other sports franchises, as well as runners, cyclists, fitness experts, physical therapists, and sports medicine and healthcare clinicians across the country.